Visualize fabric patterns and designs

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Instant Visualization

Visualize fabrics instantly within 5 minutes using just 3 simple steps - Upload, Crop and Choose from a variety of templates

Close Deals Faster with Fab3D!

Fab3D images help customers to visualize how the fabric would look on different garments and thus take a faster decision to purchase.

Saves Time

Create catalogs of your fabrics without having to create samples & do model photoshoots anymore.

Over Fab3D SDK

Fab3D - Give Life To Your Fabrics!

Fab3D by TRI3D is as simple as it gets. Just click the picture of the fabric and upload to the application. A little bit of cropping is all it takes. Fab3D instantly shows it in various garment styles. Suits, blazers, shirts, trousers, Dresses, gowns you name it, we will show it! Over 500+ templates for you to choose from.

How does FAB3D Work?

  • Step 1 : Click a picture of the fabric
  • Step 2 : Upload the picture and select the repeating pattern
  • Step 3 : Visualize your fabric on a variety of Models & Templates

How does FAB3D help boost revenue?

  • Instantly Show Model Draped Image of Your Fabrics to the Clients
  • Helps clients in making faster decision
  • Saves your Time & Effort
  • Cut Down Costs Involved in Photoshoots and Stitching Fabrics
  • Show customers digitally, how fabrics would look on a garments
  • Sell Your Fabrics Online without any hassle using Fab3D


Simple Installation process which takes only few seconds. Incase of any issue please reach out to our support team!

Integrates with

  • Integrate with your website
  • Works on all devices – iOS, Android, Windows &Mac
  • Our Images are accepted across all E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc

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