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30 giugno 2024

Super Social Media Apps

Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 2 giugno 2024

I had a wonderful experience shopping at! The product selection is fantastic, customer service is incredibly responsive, and my order arrived quickly in perfect condition.

I highly recommend this store for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience!

Jacky W, NC

Sacodise shop
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Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
3 giugno 2024

I actually have not immersed in the app as yet. I do have one thing to suggest. When calling for the verification, the recording does not give answer time. It gave me first just 3 digits and hung up. Subsequent calls gave me only 2 digits, and then hung up. There was no repetition. After 5 calls I finally received the full number; just barely. This was with me sitting here with my phone in hand waiting for the call and immediately pressing the button to answer. There is definitely room for improvement there.

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20 aprile 2024

Really bad. Only some of my products from my Shopify website show up on my Facebook business page, so I can't tag any of my products on my Facebook business page. So boosting or creating an ad on Facebook business is a waste of money. Also I reached out to support several times, and nothing has been done. This has been an ongoing issue since I linked my Shopify website to Facebook business page, total nightmare. Very confusing, repetitive tasks and typing to explain issue, (and again writing about the problem here) No help. Keeps saying it can't link items from my store. Why advertise if they can't sync.

Dana Cooper Bermuda
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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
9 luglio 2024

Great easy way to manage FB + IG Shops. Only issue we have is unable to find the actual URL link to these live Shops. Would be great if we could know where that is.

Serein Trek
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
26 giugno 2024

Dealing with Facebook has been overly complicated due to numerous nonsensical prohibitions, bans, and restrictions, making it impossible to use as a reliable platform. As an ordinary jewelry shop, I have been treated like a drug dealer due to their excessive algorithmic detections. I am truly exhausted from trying to cope with this and have decided to give up after five years of constant frustration.

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Quasi 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
17 maggio 2024

The integration between Facebook and Instagram is somewhat complicated but starting from scratch if things do not work out is not a bad idea. If anything thank you for this service and we are greatly looking foreword to doing business with Meta and Shopify.

Tulu Skincare
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Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
17 aprile 2024

Please give us the option to remove the default URL parameters. The tool adds '?utm_content=Facebook_UA&utm_source=facebook' to all our product links and it causes issues with tracking.

(I've tried going to as per your other responses; and it just redirects to the generic Shopify help page ''. Please give me an email address to contact instead.)

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Oltre 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
16 maggio 2024

I love it! Bring me new customer that I know that are real and the extra layer of protection and the social creditability for my small business.

Plusletics® Apparel - Fitness Chick Enterprises, Inc.
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Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
30 giugno 2024

Trash service and trash app works when it wants to and support it trash too, Been a month trying to solve a problem and all they say is will reach out to you with ana email and then you can forget about it because that's never happening

9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app