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30 april 2021

I have never in my life experienced more issues with a company than I have when dealing with Facebook and Facebook ads. The new Shopify integrations have been nothing but trouble since they launched. Currently, I am unable to successfully link my Facebook business manager and pixel. Shopify support tried to help but it is a Facebook issue. And of course, Facebook support is no help as usual... Very frustrating. Wish you could just copy and paste your pixel like back in the day. Typical Facebook, making everything 100 times more complicated than it needs to be....

Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
31 mars 2021

Great App very intuitive to work with. I find it very easy to update and track and load new inventory.

Dark Magician Games
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
Redigerat 23 november 2020

I am not really 100% what it is doing but I guess I need as much exposure as I can get for my store so it is worth it and seems petty automated. I wish we could integrate the marketing emails that we do on Shopify with FB

My Perfect Mood
Ungefär 20 timmar användning av appen
21 oktober 2022

I can't even get this app setup much less use it. Right after I install the app, I get an error that reads "Sorry, something went wrong". I talked to support and they got the same error. I've installed and uninstalled numerous times and I still can get passed that error. Even the Shopify support doesn't know what's wrong with it. How is it possible to have such an important app not even load after installation?

Ashberry Woods
Ungefär 18 timmar användning av appen
Meta svarade 25 oktober 2022

Hi there!

Paola here with Shopify! Thank you for taking your time to leave us a review. I understand that you are experiencing an issue with "Your request couldn't be processed"/"Sorry, something went wrong". Our team is already working with Meta to address this error, I will be reaching out to you shortly through emails with more details.

I look forward to chatting with you!

Paola | Shopify Support

Redigerat 2 september 2020

It was really easy to set up! Downside? There is no explanation for items that are accepted or rejected.

Ungefär 19 timmar användning av appen
Meta svarade 10 september 2020

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We work hard to improve our app functionality, so I’d like to look into this further for you. I’ve sent out to an email to you and hope to hear more of your thoughts soon. - Abdalla, Shopify Support

19 november 2020

The app is easy to use with few clicks.
I would have appreciated to choose the Pixel Facebook name.
That one automatically given is a bit bizarre for me.

Ungefär 18 timmar användning av appen
Redigerat 31 oktober 2020

Good sync between shopify and facebook. I like it ! Have the good price and sync is good. 15 minutes and everything is great.

i-Store GADE.GP
Ungefär 18 timmar användning av appen
30 september 2020

Great! I've integrated Facebook for my business and have seen great results when running ads. Highly recommend

Muted Hues
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
4 oktober 2020

Using this app to learn more on customer experience and to build the business. It is very helpful in analysis and tracking.

Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
25 februari 2021

Just starting using this feature and looking forward to learning more about it as I use it more often.

Valentini Garage Works
Ungefär 16 timmar användning av appen