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30 november 2023

Fancy Product Designer is a really great app. The product customizer is easy to use, looks modern and clean, and makes it easy for anyone to personalize products. There are also lots of customization options inside the app and different ways to use it. The support is amazing, always friendly and they helped us very quickly with absolutely everything.
I can definitely recommend the app to anyone looking for a customizer for personalized products.

Migas Shop
13 dagar användning av appen
1 september 2023

If you are looking for a product designer app for Shopify, look no further! The product designer is awesome, and the team is really helpful! It's also by far the cheapest option since it doesn't have usage fees.

I definitely recommend them!

4 månader användning av appen
8 november 2023

Die App ist wirklich klasse - noch etwas komplex und in manchen Bereichen zu umfangreich, aber es entwickelt sich ja weiter! Sie hat alle Features, welche ich schon lange bei anderen Shirt-Designern gesucht habe. Für den Kundenservice und Support würde ich noch mehr Sterne vergeben wenn das möglich wäre!!! Es wird immer sehr schnell, unkompliziert, freundlich und ausführlich geholfen...Vielen Dank und bitte weiter so!!!

Loco Shirt
6 månader användning av appen
1 december 2023

Full of personalizations, several beautiful layouts available, plenty of features, and I'm having amazing support from Chat. I highly recommend.

La Marguerite & Co. - Macarons
8 februari 2023

I tried almost 10 different Shopify apps for personalized products and some web to print options. Half were just way too complicated and time consuming to use, the other half were too basic and lack solid functionality for personalizing products.

Fancy Product Designer is finally the app that I have been looking for. It has extensive customization capabilities and it is not overly complicated to use.

My only complaint so far is the documentation is thin but they make up for that with the online chat support. They were able to answer my questions quickly and help me get my products set up.

We are using this for web to print of our personalized products. The back end print ready file that is generated for orders is perfect for integration into our process.

Creative Cottage
3 månader användning av appen
14 april 2023

Great App, really clean and modern UI with a bunch of functions. Support is fast, friendly and extremely helpful. If you are looking for an app to create personalized products I can highly recommend Fancy Product Designer.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
10 mars 2023

Fancy is a very friendly application and can be adapted to many products, we are currently uploading new products to our page and all of them can be customized.

10 månader användning av appen
16 mars 2023

Very good app, great functions and good visuals.

Had a video call on boarding session which was very helpful and they also have a support page with lots of videos and how to's.

good customer support and they have moved/added some functions for me.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
28 december 2022

Wir lernen, diese Anwendung zu nutzen, die uns jeden Tag mit ihrer Flexibilität und vielen Optionen überrascht.
Die Hilfe ist schnell und präzise, ​​es hat uns oft geholfen, das Programm an unsere Bedürfnisse anzupassen.
Wir hatten die Gelegenheit mit Martin und Dorothea zu sprechen und haben uns wirklich sehr gut mit ihnen verstanden.

We are learning to use this application which surprises us every day with its flexibility and large number of options.
The assistance is quick and precise, it has often been useful for us to adapt the program to our needs.
We had the opportunity to talk to Martin and Dorothea and we really got along very well with them.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
28 april 2023

Super App mit hervorragendem Kundensupport!
Bei Fragen zu Einstellungen oder Problemen kann der Kundensupport per Chat kontaktiert werden und antwortet innerhalb von 10 Minuten - meist bereits mit einer direkten Behebung des Problems.
9 månader användning av appen