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28. toukokuu 2024

After activating the app, all the images in my store are not displaying on the web page.

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DDSHOP APPS vastasi 29. toukokuu 2024


We are very sorry for the problem you encountered. You did not contact us for help. There may be a conflict between the theme and the app and the way to handle this conflict is very simple.

Our application is free, if you still want to experience the application, please contact us via email:, we will create a FAQ page for you as desired.


24. syyskuu 2023

installed, choose pro-plan and error: Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
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DDSHOP APPS vastasi 25. syyskuu 2023


Very sorry for the problem, it only happened during the application upgrade process. We have completed the upgrade and the problem is gone. We hope you can try again.


Muokattu 8. helmikuu 2022

Was told if i left a review i could get the copyright ( company name ) deleted from showing on my site on the FAQ page, just for them to want me to change my 4 star review to a five star review because it would “affect the application” as a business owner this type of “customer service” is absolutely disgusting. Will now delete the app and find a new app. Most of these reviews are FAKE just to get the copyright removed. Beware.....

Honeymoon Candle
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Muokattu 9. helmikuu 2022

Do not use this app! It completely broke my entire store rendering it useless until a web developer can assist me with fixing it. Whatever this app wrote into the theme code has caused a nightmare of problems. Also, all of the positive reviews you are reading here are fake and are only posted in exchange for them to supposedly remove the copyright text from the page it creates. Absolutely terrible.

Wolf In Winter
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DDSHOP APPS vastasi 9. helmikuu 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Briant - DDSHOP Manager.
We are extremely sorry for the bad experience with our app.
As for your problem, it's probably a JS or CSS conflict with your theme, and this happens sometimes and is hard to avoid for a theme-heavy app.
We've fixed a lot of related problems like yours but unfortunately you didn't get in touch with us in time so we could serve you better.
I hope you can reinstall our app and we are more than happy to help you with any problems.

Once again sorry for your experience with our app.
Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Briant | DDSHOP Manager

31. maaliskuu 2022

Even after uninstalling the app it still leaves behind files and code in theme files. This thing is a hot mess. Stay away and read the other 1 star reviews as well. Shady business practices.
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DDSHOP APPS vastasi 31. maaliskuu 2022


We are very sorry for the problem you have encountered. But please understand that this is an application related to the interface, so in some cases it may conflict with the website theme. We're sorry that you've only been installing and uninstalling apps for a short time and haven't contacted us so we can help you with the problem.

Usually these conflicts are very easy to resolve within minutes. In the application's user manual, there are also very detailed instructions on how to uninstall the application without leaving any source code and you may have accidentally ignored it:
Once again very sorry to you!

Kind regards,