Fashion & Accessories Try‑On

Fashion & Accessories Try‑On

da Puctto Pty Ltd

A Virtual Try-On for all Fashion Lovers

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Engage your best customers

Engage customers with a personalised shopping experience that lets them try fashion on a photo of themselves.

Increase exposure

Get found when customers become your brand ambassadors, sharing looks with friends.

Stand out from the crowd

Keep ahead of changing trends, with simple technology that gives you the competitive advantage.

Su Fashion & Accessories Try‑On

Stand out from the crowd with a widget on your website that lets shoppers visualize fashion on a photo of themselves.

Start a fashion business they said…

  • You’re competing with massive marketing budgets (and teams)

  • You’re frustrated with rapidly changing social media algorithms

  • You’re small and you’re doing it all

  • You’re feeling like you may not have what it takes

It will be fun, they said.

What if…

  • You knew exactly who your ideal customers are and what they want?

  • You were able to offer a personalized shopping experience?

  • Your customers became the ambassadors for your online store?

What if you had the confidence, skills and tools to stand out from the crowd – increase exposure, engage customers and convert sales?

…and it was fun!

PUCTTO = Pop Up Clothes To Try On, virtually!

Shoppers are more likely to buy when they can see themselves in an outfit.

Without being able to see products on themselves, customers either abandon cart or purchase items knowing they will return what they don’t like. Not good for profits, or the planet.

Confidence increases even more when looks are shared with friends.

Sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. PUCTTO offers the ability to easily share the fashion visualization with friends - getting feedback to increase confidence that they are making the right choice.

Technology has never been so simple.

PUCTTO KISS = Keeping-It-Simple-Sweetheart. Simple tech for retailers. Simple photo uploads for customers.

In five easy steps your products will be online, ready to be shared with the world…

  1. Simply install PUCTTO on your online store - this gives you access to the admin portal
  2. Register your account
  3. Import your products into the PUCTTO database
  4. Upload your Try On images - see below for more info
  5. Make products live so customers can Shop. Try. Share. Buy.

Try On Images made simple

  • Each product needs to be photographed front-on and with nothing obstructing the item.
  • Each product photo needs to have the background removed (or etched) ensuring it’s saved on a transparent background, cropped tightly and saved as a PNG file.
  • Uploaded images will then appear in your PUCTTO virtual change room – simple as that!
  • If you do get stuck - just sing out - we’re happy to help.

Our promise to you

Our promise is that our customers, and yours, are at the heart of everything.

  • If you need any help our tech support are real humans - with a heart.
  • We keep your shoppers’ and your data safe - we’re a virtual vault!
  • We will continue to help you learn more about your customers - with shopper insights.

Let the magic begin! Shop. Try. Share. Buy. PUCTTO

note: 30 day free trial allows you to upload 10 product SKU

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