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5 november 2021

App works well and has great customer support! Would recommend for anyone wanting to try out bundles!

The Neon Tea Party
Verenigde Staten
9 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 18 november 2021

Thanks a lot. And we recommend everyone to test bundling ;)

5 juni 2023

Of all the Bundle type apps this is absolutely the best we found.
We have tested a lot of them, but the look and feel and how easy it is to create bundles is what convinced us to go with this app.
As an added bonus the support is absolutely incredible - Ben, Jasmine and Jay were absolutely on top of my every question.
They even coded a small modification (which I then didn't use - sorry ;) ).
Can't recommend them enough.

7 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 6 juni 2023

Thank you for the glowing review! We are grateful for your kind words and are pleased to know that our service has exceeded your expectations. Thank you for choosing us!

17 maart 2022

truly plug and play (unlike some others). This is the only app I found that allowed for easily creating a separate PDP for the bundle. Great support as well!

Verenigde Staten
7 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 27 maart 2022

It's our pleasure that you liked the simplicity of our app. Thanks for the kind review.

16 maart 2022

This is exactly the app I was looking for. If you need to create bundled products (as a single product) but have all the SKUs added to your cart and deducted from inventory properly, then this is the app for you. Super simple UI and great customer service as well.

Concrete Countertop Solutions
Verenigde Staten
6 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2022

Thanks a lot for your detailed review. We are happy that this new feature has worked.

26 november 2022

It's been less than a month and it's generating revenue already ... I love how easy it is to use, easy to show all bundles to customers, and amazing support to help you in a very very short time!

Curly Curls for Hair Products
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
6 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 26 november 2022

The team at Fast Bundle is thrilled to receive such a great review, thank you. :)

Bewerkt 6 juni 2023

The app just causes way too many problems on my site. Its' a great concept and worked for the time being.
I downloaded this app again, because the other app was a little too much. I don't know what happened, but it has been a nightmare installing this. The first time I installed this a year ago it ran smoothly during the initial set up. Now I tried to install it again, thinking it would be fairly the same and easy. NO... thier pages are missing, links are not opening up what they should and their FAQ is no help.

Mermaid Haus Jewelry
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 16 september 2022

We are sorry that you had this experience. Our team is working on the issue and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

25 juli 2022

The customer service team is amazing and helped fix a few development issues between our customized site and their app within hours of writing them. Very easy to use and customize to your product needs!

Verenigde Staten
5 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 26 juli 2022

Thank you for your kind words. Our pleasure ;)

26 juli 2022

Servicio pésimo. Tras un tiempo usándola nos dio un error (no actualizaba los productos). Lo revisan y nos indican que la tienda no cumple con los servicios por el tipo de producto (es una tienda online de vinos totalmente legal y con todos los permisos para la distribución de alcohol). Nos han dado de baja la aplicación de modo unilateral. Lamentable.

We are the Wine
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 28 juli 2022

Hi dear people at We are the Wine.

Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the bad experience. :( We have sent you an email to follow up on the issue. We hope we can solve the misunderstanding.

We have just written this short response to inform you that we have sent an email and also to show other merchants in the community that the issue is been followed up.


29 november 2022

Fantastic app. This saved us last minute as we were getting ready for Black Friday. I actually planned on using another app that I thought would be able to create collection bundles, turns out it couldn't so after a bunch of headache I uninstalled that one to give this a try. This bundle app worked perfect for our store and was really simple to set up. I tried messing around and accidentally created a small issue where the bundle page wasn't showing the bundles (because I edited it). The customer support got back to me very quickly and from there on everything was working smoothly. This is an excellent app if you want to make mix and match bundles out of your collections (perfect for us and our apparel)

Danica Daydreams
5 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 25 juni 2023

We are thrilled to have been able to contribute to your business!

Black Friday is the ultimate war season for shops and tools and weapons make a big difference! ;)

26 oktober 2021

I used this app to create bundles for my shops. I was very satisfied with the service I received. The service team and tech team will help me solve the problem quickly as I wished. Thanks so much!

obge hk
Hongkong SAR van China
5 dagen gebruiken de app
Fast Bundle heeft geantwoord 27 oktober 2021

Thank you for installing the app on several shops. It's really exciting to be a part of your business :).