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3 maart 2024

In aliexpress you have to click on each product inorder to import to list. that sucks. This tech support wont message you on issues. They cry about a whats app account. I will not install, I do not use that. Tech support sucks. Cannot order anything unless I manualy copy and paste customer Info. The pricing wont caculate shipping. I do not want to auto fullfill, and cant find where to remove that, nor do i get any help to do that. this app and service fucking sucks...

Innocently Insane Creation's
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QCommerce heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2024

I apologize for the negative experience you had.

Our customer manager requested you to add WhatsApp because we wanted to provide one-on-one assistance through that platform.

The poor service experience on the app was due to we are focusing service upgrades, which are now mostly completed, and we are addressing the issues you mentioned regarding bulk publishing and automatic ordering. If you don't mind, we welcome you to give it a try at

31 augustus 2023

pice of sht it drags product value 10$ ending up over the value of FRK 800$ so the app drains tons of time its just waist of time!!!! only BUGS AND NOTHING ELSE WORTHING!!!!

2 maanden gebruiken de app
QCommerce heeft geantwoord 2 september 2023

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you initiate a refund? We can quickly agree to a refund. Or can you send us your store? We can make the refund from our side.

Recently, we are focusing on developing a new version that can solve most of the problems, so there may be some bugs that cannot be solved on the old version.

We apologize again for the inconvenience caused to you, and we will try to fix them as soon.

29 september 2023

CRAP!! Don´t download. Products will not appear in import list. Imported many products but they are not in the import list.

Find another app!!

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QCommerce heeft geantwoord 6 oktober 2023

Can you add our whatsapp to provide the aliexpress linke you had imported please?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

17 september 2021

i cant see product from aliexpress in importlist, one day it works, next day not, i have no blocking in google crome
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QCommerce heeft geantwoord 4 oktober 2021

Thanks for the feedback, we have fixed it already. Can you retry?

6 mei 2021

issue with importing products not showing up in the import list tried to contact support on twitter,email,and chat 3 weeks ago no response and issue still not resolved

Kold Fusion Apparel
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QCommerce heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2021

Sorry for the inconvenience, because AliExpress update a lot recently which make our service unstable, now, the service is back already, can you give a retry?

26 juni 2020

Amazing app! Import products by one click, and the imported products can be modified/published multiple times, which is the only app has this function!

4 maanden gebruiken de app
QCommerce heeft geantwoord 29 juni 2020

Thank you very much. 🤸‍♀️❤️

We will keep pushing the good job further up the hill!

Bewerkt 15 juni 2020

I will be honest talking about this app, i think it's good but it doesn't suit my needs.
Thanks for the support and solving my payment issue

29 dagen gebruiken de app
QCommerce heeft geantwoord 12 juni 2020

Hey, SuzuhaSky,
We are very sorry for your bad experience with FreeDropship.

And can you please send a ticket to Shopify's support to get the refund? Then they will ask us and we will agree. Shopify charge the money first, we can't refund directly.
We can guarantee you that you can get the refund.

Sorry for the little late reply, I think there is a time difference between our city and your city.