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3 maart 2024

In aliexpress you have to click on each product inorder to import to list. that sucks. This tech support wont message you on issues. They cry about a whats app account. I will not install, I do not use that. Tech support sucks. Cannot order anything unless I manualy copy and paste customer Info. The pricing wont caculate shipping. I do not want to auto fullfill, and cant find where to remove that, nor do i get any help to do that. this app and service fucking sucks...

Innocently Insane Creation's
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QCommerce heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2024

I apologize for the negative experience you had.

Our customer manager requested you to add WhatsApp because we wanted to provide one-on-one assistance through that platform.

The poor service experience on the app was due to we are focusing service upgrades, which are now mostly completed, and we are addressing the issues you mentioned regarding bulk publishing and automatic ordering. If you don't mind, we welcome you to give it a try at