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1 giugno 2023

Very bad customer service and App as well! I wrote them twice without getting any reply or help from them! The App disturbed my tracking on Facebook and TikTok. Don't install it and be careful!

1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 2 giugno 2023

Dear customer, Our sincere apologies, we recently had some sudden issues with the contact form inside the app, and some messages were not delivered to our support team. the form is temporary hidden now inside the app. We wish to assure you that other than this, the core features of the app, and performance are constantly monitored, and faced no issue. Please reach out to us at, or by clicking on Get support inside the app
or by clicking on "Send a message" from our app store listing
Regarding the fact that our app disturbed your Facebook tracking. If you use another app to install your Facebook pixels at the same time, this can cause issues with your tracking. Other than this, our app should not disturb your TikTok tracking. We will be happy to look into this

23 maggio 2023

I need support but the contact form does not work and I can't find an other way to get in touch with the developers.
Paesi Bassi
Circa 24 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 24 maggio 2023

Hello dear customer, please reach out to us at In the meantime, we are investigating what might have happened with the contact form for your store. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience

20 febbraio 2023


Police Shop
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 21 febbraio 2023

Dear admin,

Thank you very much for you feedback. We are so sorry that you might have experienced an issue. We have, on our side, done the necessary verifications, and we find that all the features of the app are working normally, but we would love to investigate more.

Can you please reach out to us? We wish to understand what you mean by low quality events, and association

Our sincere apologies again for any inconveniences you have faced, and we kindly invite you to allow us to look further into this case.

Best regards,
Fbtrack team

21 marzo 2023

Ik heb de app perongeluk verwijder en kan deze nu niet meer opnieuw downloaden. Heel vervelend want ik wil ads launchen!

Paesi Bassi
Circa 24 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 22 marzo 2023

Dear customer, We understand from your review that you have accidentally removed the app, but couldn't re-install it again. We are very sorry that you could have experienced this issue. We couldn't reproduce this for other stores, but we have investigated your case in our side. Can you please just try installing the app again? If you still face any issues, please just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to assist. We will also be truly grateful if you could edit or remove the review

Geachte klant, We begrijpen uit uw review dat u per ongeluk de app heeft verwijderd, maar niet opnieuw kunt installeren. Het spijt ons zeer dat u dit probleem heeft kunnen ervaren. We konden dit niet reproduceren voor andere winkels, maar we hebben uw zaak aan onze kant onderzocht. Kun je alsjeblieft proberen de app opnieuw te installeren? Als u nog steeds problemen ondervindt, neem dan contact met ons op en wij helpen u graag verder. We zouden het ook zeer op prijs stellen als u de beoordeling zou willen bewerken of verwijderen

Data modifica: 22 maggio 2020

Unfortunately we just have to refer to all the 1* reviews. We made the same/similar experiences. The issues we faced costed us a lot of revenue as the shop did not work properly and customers could not even place orders.
@Developer, we do not need a feedback or strange excuse. Fact is, your app crashed an essential functionality for making business with our shop.

after receiving the app's developer feedback, as expected without apologies for what their app to our store, here a short update on our review.

Yes we have used the app for a longer period without issues. The big trouble started when we decided not to waste our money with it anymore. After removing the app, the troubles started. Then we contacted the Theme developers and these great guys were able to resolve the issue.
Here is a copy/paste of their feedback:
"We were able to sort this out for you.  It was an issue in a file called fbTrack.liquid that was added by an app". 
Errors can happen, it just makes a difference how to manage them...

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12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 21 maggio 2020

Dear store owner,

There seem to be a misunderstanding, and you are probably reviewing another app. You have used our app for a whole year without issues ( Screenshot ), and we didn't find any email regarding your store ( Screenshot ) . I discussed your review with our support team, and they also don't understand why we are receiving it, and can't find or recall any email related to your store

Please delete this review, or reach out to us if you had faced a problem

UPDATE : Thanks for specifying the issue on your update. We got in touch with your theme developers (Showtime theme), and the issue was that the theme and our app had a function with the same name that resulted in a conflict (Screenshot : This issue has been fixed for Showtime theme, and all themes at the same time, and it won't happen again to any store

Fbtrack team

19 ottobre 2021

Many bugs (many pixels intalled and cannot remove them). Support does not exist anymore. Too bad it used to be a good app

7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 28 ottobre 2021

Dear store owner,

Our development team informed me that you faced problems due to using multiple Facebook pixel apps, and that they ultimately fixed the issue you were having. I assure you that everything is working well on our side. We are always monitoring our performance, and will be here to support you. Our sincere apologies for any inconveniences you have faced, and we invite you to reconsider your review if you wish

Best regards,
Fbtrack team

27 marzo 2020

When I save a new pixel in this app it must corrupt another line of code because my add to cart button stops working on my website. very frustrating to fix.
Theme: Boundless vibrant

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6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 29 marzo 2020

Hello there,

I checked and you didn't send us any support request so we can help. Please reach out, and our support will investigate your issue, and resolve it. Our app, in theory, can't make your add to cart button stop working. It also looks like the theme you are using is low quality, according to users reviews, and it won't be surprising if it often bugs

Best regards,
Fbtrack team

29 dicembre 2020

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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
24 ottobre 2019

The app is no more working as promised and we have lost a lot of money because of it. Highly disappointed with the experience. Rating it singlet star after 3-4 months of happy usage. The app has gone wrong since last month.

3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
20 dicembre 2020

What a nonsense app. I tried to delete it and asked support to delete all the code. Been waiting for ages and no support. Once you leave, they can't be bothered to give you any support. I have to go report this app to Shopify. Avoid this app. It's messing with my theme code.

Best Chick Flick
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28 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Optiapps ha risposto 23 dicembre 2020

Dear store owner,

We are always here to support you including after you delete the app if necessary. You have contacted us on a Sunday, and you received an automatic response indicating that support is not available on Sunday, and we have gotten back to you on Monday at the beginning of our office hours (Screenshot: For 99.9%+ of our users, there is no need to remove any code manually after uninstall. Nothing in the theme code will get messed up, and deleting the app will not have any effect on your store. In your case, you were using Gempages app which we don't integrate with, but our developer made extra efforts in order to add custom code specifically for you to make the app work for your pages using Gempages app. On Monday, our replies included showing you how to remove the custom code by yourself if you wished, and the option to allow the developer to do it for you, but we didn't hear back from you since then.

You were happy with the support provided until last Sunday (Screenshots: and We are unfortunately being rewarded for the extra custom coding to make the app work for your store by a negative review. You contacted us, and left your review outside the office hours indicated in the automatic reply. Our continuous support has nothing to do with whether you still have the app or not. We even reply to people who have already closed their store if they contact us.

We hope that you consider removing this review as it's defaming, and hurting our app needlessly, and you seemed to have moved on since our replies on Monday.

Best regards,
Fbtrack Team