IWD Product / Feature Request

IWD Product / Feature Request

door IWD Agency

Develop and enhance products based on customer driven data.

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Increase Sales

Increase sales by focusing inventory on customer preferences and recommendations.

Improve Inventory

Enable customers to recommend new products and feature enhancements based on shopping preferences such as color, compatibility, brand, etc.

Customer Driven Data

Customers are your greatest asset. Promote and utilize customer preferences to make data driven decisions for smart future growth.

Over IWD Product / Feature Request

This innovative app helps store owners make informed decisions about Product / Feature development and enhancements based on real customer driven data. Customers can make requests based on size, color, style, brand, compatibility, favorite team, or any other personal buying preferences. This information enables store owners to develop smarter inventory practices and promote data-based product development decisions for intelligent growth and increased sales.


Unlimited Product and Feature Requests:

This app features an unlimited number of requests and replies.

Up-Voting and Customer Engagement:

Customers can read requests, make comments, and up-vote their favorite ideas.

Flexible App Design:

Adjust color scheme to match your preferences.

Simple Integration:

The app is automatically integrated into the Product Page HTML.

Smart Sorting:

Allow users to sort requests by oldest, newest, most votes, least votes, in-review, coming soon, and completed.

Auto Publishing:

Automatically publish requests and comments with admin approval.

Email Notifications:

When requests are made, an email is automatically sent to the customer and the designated store administrator.

Flexible Email design:

Add Logo and color scheme for custom look and feel.

Share Posts Between Products:

Share requests from one product between another product

Status of Requests:

Update the current status of any request to pending, in-review, coming soon, completed, disapproved, or deleted.

Responsive Layout

Fully responsive layout for mobile and desktop devices.

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