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19 aprile 2023

We've used PH for nearly 3 years now. Everything has worked decently until a month ago when Shopify changed the way the report tracking numbers. Prior, Shopify would display a master tracking number if the order had multiple boxes. The customer would get 1 communication from PH. Now, Shopify reports individual tracking numbers which causes a massive change to the order screen. Even worse, it triggers PH to send out multiple emails to the customer. So, in my case if a customer orders 18 boxes of one of my products, they'll get 18 emails that the product has shipped with individual tracking numbers. Then, 18 emails that the order was delivered. I contact PH, even video conference and they have no fix - was told 3 months to possibly have a fix. I contact Shopify+ support and they state it's the 3rd party's job to fix these issues. Will need to find an alternative now.

Earthwise Packaging
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PluginHive ha risposto 21 aprile 2023

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the recent changes in Shopify's reporting of tracking numbers. We understand that the previous method of reporting a master tracking number for orders with multiple boxes was not a perfect solution, but it did work well for you in the past. While we are actively working on a permanent solution with Shopify, we suggest considering the following workarounds:
1) Consider the possibility of shipping the products in a single package instead of 18 individual packages. This may help reduce shipping costs as well.
2) Disable the email notification feature. Your customers can still access the tracking number from the order page.
We hope these options can help alleviate the issues you are facing while we work towards a permanent solution. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

10 dicembre 2020

I must be the only one who cannot share the same enjoyable experience. The was an error with label generation. I emailed the support requesting help. They emailed me back asking for credentials. So I did. I emailed back credentials in order to fix the sync with Fedex. After a while I received another copied and pasted email asking again for credentials. So all automated replies and no human contact for me. The Fedex agreed rates were not picked by the app. I asked my FE manager who said better do without. I deleted the app making sure my feedback was constructive and rich in details. A couple of second after I deleted the app I got another email asking me for a feedback as to why I deleted the app. I understand these days everything is more or less automated but a little human touch doesn't cost much.

Ovenbird Coffee Roasters Co.
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PluginHive ha risposto 16 dicembre 2020

Hello Davide Angeletti,

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. We should have been more clear that we are asking for the FedEx account details once again because your email reply was empty and did not have the account details.

After receiving the FedEx account details from the merchant, PluginHive takes the responsibility of completing the FedEx label evaluation process by coordinating with FedEx.

We have been continuously working with FedEx on streamlining this process so that our Merchants have a seamless onboarding experience.

We tried calling you on the number provided in the billing details, However the number was not reachable.

It will be great if you can give us another chance, Trust me after the initial setup Our FedEx app integration will help you save lot of time.

Awaiting your reply.