Feedback Button

Feedback Button

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Add a Feedback button to your store and get precious feedback!

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Know your customers

Know your customers by letting them tell you what they want!

Increase your Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate by answering your customers questions.

Get Feedback

Get precious feedback and suggestions.

Podrobnosti o Feedback Button

Feedback Button - Know your customers

The Feedback Button is a Shopify App that lets you very easily add a floating Feedback Button to your Shopify store. It is very easy to install and lets you boost your sales.

The floating button will allow your customers to leave feedback and suggestions on your store.

Listen to your customers & Receive precious advice

By letting your customers give you suggestions, you can get new product ideas, receive precious feedback, improve your store...

Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to understand why their customers don't convert. A simple and effective way to solve this problem is to listen to them and allow them to tell you why they do not buy. It is sometimes because of little details, missing product dimensions, no free shipping... and with the Feedback Button app, you can overcome these issues.

The best way to increase your conversion rate

Some customers don't buy because they are not sure of something, if you let them ask you their questions, you can heavily increase your conversion rate.

Also, when customers see a feedback button, they know that there are actual humans behind the online store and that they can always reach to you if they encounter problems.

Receive all feedbacks directly to your email

When a user leaves a feedback, you directly receive an email with their message. If the customer left his email address, you can contact them, answer their questions and create a discussion that will allow you to better understand your customers problems.

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Rainpal® Riders Can Now Have The Same Clear Vision Of Drivers. Enough Said

This app is terrible. There is no way to access and change the text of "Leave a Feedback" which is not good English and uses lower case a. Potential customers do not want to see this text. It did not work as it did not send an email to us. A waste of time and money. After numerous attempts with Support it was deleted. I asked for the money we paid back and have not heard. This will be escalated to Shopify if we do not receive a full refund.

Staple Shed

i want to unsubcribe! the app doesnt work on my site... ive tested it 4 times and and it showed up once... i cant take the risk of this happening to my customers and i also want a refund thank you...


CON: I was looking for the ability to change the message that is displayed after the form is submitted. That capability is not offered. I was also hoping for a way to disable the feedback button temporarily but I cannot do so. Once the app is installed the button automatically appears. The actual form needs more options for customization such as adding a new field for company name, business title, etc.

PRO: I reached out to their support team to inquire about these options. They were quick to respond and friendly. They offered to provide some liquid coding that would hide the feedback button but that wasn't what I was looking for.

Overall, the button definitely works like it should, it's just hard for me to justify a $4.50 a month subscription fee for something that is so basic.