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We are a full time touring band that's doing some things differently...selling our albums on USB drives, and loading fan drives right at the show.

For direct digital distribution through our website, Fetch is our solution. The app has been tremendous and paid for itself many times over in the first month.

The backend is super clean and easy to use, and allows plenty of customization when it comes to my buyer's experience. I particularly like customizing emails to customers, and the ability to notify them when I've updated the digital product they purchased - without doing it manually.

I would say that the pricing plans are generous and I had no problems setting it up with my Shopify account at all.

I highly recommend this!


Great app, even better support. Emailed them about an issue and they responded in less than an hour. They even kept me updated while they patched our account to accommodate our store's unusual setup. So I did what any sensible and decent human would do: I wrote them a haiku.

"Fetch: by Pixallent"?
More like "Sweet: by Excellent".
Good game. You guys rock.


Fetch is a great application that does exactly everything it says it does for a very affordable price.

But what really sets Fetch apart is the tech support -- the support staff was EXTREMELY helpful. They replied to every one of my emails in a timely and polite fashion, and stuck with every issue until my questions were answered, the problem was fixed, and I was satisfied, all the while being friendly and cordial. I would absolutely recommend using Fetch if you're on the fence about whether or not to use Shopify to handle digital downloads.


The combination of Shopify and Fetch is the perfect duo. I have been using Fetch for over a year now and it has revolutionized the way I do business. I run my website from New Zealand which means I am on a very different time zone than Europe and the US. Fetch allows me to happily go off to sleep knowing that sales will be taken care of through the night. When I wake up it is great to see all the automated sales that have happened through the night while I have been in dreamland. I will definitely be looking at ways to expand my business using Fetch in the future.


Clean, simple, and solid front and back end. It's worked great for the variety of digital music packages my band offers.


This app is phenomenal, and the customer support is outstanding. I've had hardly any issues in the last six months, and most of the problems I had earlier on were actually Shopify issues rather than Fetch glitches, but the folks at Fetch took things on anyway. Fetch is the whole reason I didn't give up on Shopify - they ROCK!


I sell downloadable sewing patterns and Fetch has been great. It was easy to implement and the help I have received has been great.


Fetch combines an outstanding utility with top-notch customer service. I largely chose shopify as my storefront because of the power of this handy tool for digital delivery. Even better, they not only promise but also deliver on constant improvements to the system.


I absolutely LOVE fetch! I also sell really large files (.psd templates) and fetch has always handled them with no problems.

When I have contacted customer service with a question, I am always greeted with a super fast, friendly reply from someone who actually sounds like a real human. :)

Another thing I've really loved about fetch is they're ability to prove me wrong... just when I think they couldnt possibly improve on the site, they release a new feature that saves me time, and makes life easier. :)

I seriously can't say enough good about the app or they're service. :)


We've been using Fetch for years with virtually zero issues. It works so well that it actually makes us wish we had more digital products to sell!