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Bearbeitet am 3. November 2022

It was free when I got it a few months ago and now it's 3gb free bandwith per month. That's like nothing. Digital Downloads by Shopify gives more and is free. This got paid, we lost functions, so this app goes bye bye

4 monate mit der App
15. November 2022

I wanted to offer subscription products to my store, so I purchased this, however there was no support available to assist me with setup, so I cancelled,

4 monate mit der App
Artos Software hat geantwortet 16. November 2022

Hey, there. Kartik here from Filemonk. Thanks for trying out my app and leaving your feedback! I understand that my delayed response was not ideal. I'm sorry about that. I'm a 1 person team, and I try my best to be available for all customers 24*7. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that in the last 24 hours because I was in between multiple flights & airports tending to a personal family emergency. I could not find a stable internet connection to reply in time.

I see 4 missed chats from your store sent in 14 hours between 15 Nov 04:36am and 09:41pm. I do my best to reply within 24 hours and I would have replied latest wthin 48 hours (as you may have seen my email by now). Again, my sincerest apologies for being unable to reply so quickly. My family comes first and I had to take care of them.

I'd be more than glad to help you out. Filemonk is quick to set up and easy to get started. Please take a look at your inbox and reach out at anytime. :)