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3 november 2021

It looked like a greate app but it did not work on my store and the customer support service never answered to my questions.

Eternal memories app
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Inspon Tech heeft geantwoord 3 november 2021

Hey, thanks for your review. We didn't got an email from you.
We have send you now a developer request.

Thank you very much. If you need any further assistance, please let us know through the App.

5 oktober 2021

Ich habe diese App verwendet wegen der Upload Funktion , für ein personalisiertes Produkt , wenige Tage später hat sich die Funktion von selber entfernet und Kunden konnten auch nichts mehr hochladen , deswegen habe ich die App deinstalliert und seit dem kommt bei mir auch das neu laden von der Produktseite.
Also wenn ich auf mein Produkt klicke tut es automatisch ohne pause die Seite neu laden.
Normalerweise schreibe ich keine Schlechten Bewertungen aber diese App würde ich niemanden weiter empfehlen.

2 dagen gebruiken de app
Inspon Tech heeft geantwoord 5 oktober 2021

Hallo, vielen Dank für deine Bewertung.
Leider hast du kein Support Ticket eröffnet.

Das Upload Feld ist kostenlos bis 25 Uploads für Entwicklungszwecke. Werden die 25 Uploads überschritten, deaktiviert sich das Feld.

Weiterhin wurde dein Shop geschlossen und wieder eröffnet ohne einen App Plan auszuwählen. Daher ist diese Bewertung unangebracht.

3 oktober 2021

Useless App. Also, it crashed my store as well, after installing the app my product is not working properly. It keeps refreshing again and again.

All Diamond Painting Art
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
11 minuten gebruiken de app
Inspon Tech heeft geantwoord 3 oktober 2021

Dear Customer,
this rating is unfortunately misleading.

The performance of our app is monitored around the clock by our developers, as well as support is available around the clock and any errors are fixed in an average of 30 minutes.

When using external themes and other apps that overwrite products, there may be glitches that our team will be happy to fix.

Next time just try the official way instead of writing an unfounded review.

Best thanks and greetings

Inspon Team

9 september 2022

The worse app. Don't download it. They force you to pay immediately without trial and their app is very bad.

5 minuten gebruiken de app
Inspon Tech heeft geantwoord 9 september 2022


we saw that you had trouble by using our app. You already installed and deinstalled the app few times over a longer period of time. Thatswhy there was no longer a trial or free version for you available. Please see Screenshot here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/nd0rregpd5836zs/Bildschirmfoto%202022-09-09%20um%2018.54.41.png?dl=0

If you had contacted us earlier, then we would have set up the app correctly for you. We have 24/7 customer support, so no need to leave a one star review. Just ask and we will do the Setup for you at any time.

You have to understand that sometimes it's required to first ask the support to help you out. Because each theme and onlineshop is different. The code behind your store is always different.

We have send you a developer request to help you out and to help you with the setup of the app. Unfortunately, you declined this request, so we could not help you.

We working hard with our team!