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27 maart 2017

If you are a complete and total noob and can't set up a Facebook Ad to save your life, then Flightplan will be good for you because it can do that for you.

If you know how to set up a Facebook Ad and want to use Flightplan for your retargeting ads, STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP.

After using it for almost two months, I realized that my FB Ad stats were all whacked up. Way more purchases and add to carts and it didn't match up with what Shopify was reporting. Wasn't even close!

Turns out the Flightplan app was double and triple triggering my Facebook pixel, so my stats were all messed up. As soon as I deleted the app, everything was back to normal. Not happy at all with the messed up stats, and Flightplan is to blame. Stay far away if you use Facebook Ad Analytics at all!!

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adMixt heeft geantwoord 18 juni 2019

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the app. If you email me at zach@flightplan.io I will make it up to you.

18 augustus 2017

WARNING!!!! This app will claim an ad account for you in business manager that you will never be able to remove. DO NOT use this app if you do not want to manage ads through BM. You will never be able to get your account back!!!!

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adMixt heeft geantwoord 18 juni 2019

Very sorry, but Business Manager is a requirement to manage a Product Catalog and run Dynamic Ads. We apologize it wasn't clear that this was a Facebook requirement.

10 juli 2017

Hello, is the Flightplan application working or not?

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adMixt heeft geantwoord 18 juni 2019

Yes, the app works great!