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2. Februar 2018

I think this is an amazing app and it rewards your customers along the way. At this time I am not ready to fully implement it in our store but I will consider adding it in the future. The staff are friendly and helpful and the layout looks really good in your store. It will enhance the customers experience most definitely.

Wig Store Hair And Beauty Canada
Etwa eine stunde mit der App
30. August 2018

False advertising is all over their page.

First, they say they have a 30 day free trial. They do NOT.

Pricing says $5-$10 based on customers.

Description makes it seem like there are a lot of features.

The base plan with the advertised price has very few features.

Every single feature they list is an additional add on.

The add-ons cost more the higher the base plan you choose.

Not a good way to do business. Support is not very helpful or responsive.

I really wanted to like this app, but to get just the store credit, wishlist, and base features it would be over $50 a month for the level plan I'd want.

And who knows if it is any good anyways? They don't let you try the add-on features before paying!

Wickersham Family
Vereinigte Staaten
40 minuten mit der App
Flits hat geantwortet 6. März 2019


Sorry for inconvenience. Actually we are providing 30 days free trial including all paid add ons. As well as we have updated our billing workflow. And regarding cost you can mail us at We will help you for sure.

Thank you
Flits Support Team

12. Januar 2023

Mobile layout is shifted off screen, custom color scheme is incorrect on some tabs, very little customizability, for example disabling the Good Morning! message or the clock. It's an account page, it doesn't need a clock. I don't know how this has such good reviews.

Regal Wigs
Vereinigte Staaten
38 minuten mit der App
Flits hat geantwortet 6. März 2023

Thank you so much for your feedback, actually Flits support team can help you to set up color schema and related things as per your brand color. We are providing a preview option as well in the admin.

Regarding the clock option: It feels personalized for customers, but we can remove that as well if you don't want to display it.

Please contact, and we tried to connect with you over the mail many times, but you didn't reply.

1. November 2017

It didn't seem to work in my store. I followed all of the instructions in the FAQ even though there was barely any direction. Not helpful at all

Leila Swimwear
Vereinigte Staaten
37 minuten mit der App
27. Juli 2019

Don't be mislead by the "Free" plan. It's literally useless! You can't do anything at all with it. All the features are add-ons. Store Credit is $10/mo, Wishlist is $5/mo, Social Login is $2/mo, Advanced Dashboard is another $5/mo. Every single function is an ala carte add-on even if you chose the most expensive $10/mo plan you still have to pay for all the add-ons for the app to be of any use. Very misleading! Wish I could give this ZERO stars!!

Valhalla Soap Co.
Vereinigte Staaten
14 minuten mit der App
19. November 2018

While this app seems useful, uninstalling per their directions did not totally uninstall it. I had to restore my website because it still had the flits customer account page all messed up... Beware if you don't know how to clean this kind of thing up, you will be paying someone to uninstall of their code to get your website back to normal

Postal Worker Tees
Vereinigte Staaten
13 minuten mit der App
Bearbeitet am 11. November 2021

I tried this App and it is not what I am searching.
After deinstallation there are loads of entried in liquid left.
Slows down my theme and is simply a no go! I have to struggle now with their support to deinstall it completely. Customer Service was very helpful and deleted the code quite fast.

Delias Whiskyshop GmbH
13 minuten mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. Juni 2019

Very quick to respond, updated errors without issue. The reorder function is great and something our customers will definitely benefit from.

8 minuten mit der App
20. Juni 2018

I've used this app on a few stores now and I think it is a requisite for any store. It completely changes the setup of the account page and is fully customizable! Support does there best to help and all issues I've ever experienced were resolved with great professionalism and respect in a few days at most. James, the man, the myth, the legend is a godsend. He takes your requests seriously and treats you like you matter, which many companies can take a lesson from. Thank you Flits and thank you James!

Foolishly Unique
30. Januar 2020

The app is perfect and the support is amazing, they were able to help in less than 24 hours ! I highly recommend it!

Judy Surya Yoga Cannes