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19 september 2023

I can't say enough good things about this app! It's been a game-changer for my Shopify store. Highly recommended!

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1 september 2023

I don't know if the customers who have given a rating are really real. I tested the app for several days and noticed the following:

E-mail campaigns are not formatted and sent as a box, but a width of 100% is displayed. This looks terrible in Outlook and other mail clients.
Images with links or buttons cannot be sent in email campaigns. These are displayed in the template, but sending them is not possible. Our developer has tested this several times. He then removed the button links and image links. Then the newsletter was delivered to him. Previously, the message 'rejected' was always displayed.

It is also unusual that you have to confirm the domain via your own DNS by creating a TXT code in the DNS server and confirming the domain in this way. This also applies to the e-mail address. The basic idea is good, but some things don't work here.

The horribly formatted e-mails are also displayed in FLOW in every e-mail client with 100% instead of formatted as a box. Here, too, the basic idea would be wonderful, but the implementation is lacking.

We deleted the app again after losing a few hours of testing with it. By the way, we know what we're doing. We are PHP developers and computer scientists.

As a final piece of information, we naturally contacted support. He doesn't get in touch within 1-2 hours, but after 3 days and refers to more time and patience. No help was ever offered.

The whole issue is very unfortunate. Actually, I would like the app and the idea too, but it's just UNUSABLE.

Ayurveda Paradies Schweiz
9 dagen gebruiken de app
Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 5 september 2023

Hi Marcel,

Thank you so so much for submitting such a thorough and insightful review. This not only helps other merchants, but also motivates us to take extremely great measures in determining how under-performing our teams are.

I have sent a private message to you and hopefully will hear from you soon.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
Ryth - The Flowio team

3 november 2023

slow customer service to feedback
many debag in application

Verenigde Staten
3 maanden gebruiken de app
Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 5 november 2023

Hi Osama,

Thank you for submitting a review! We apologize for the slow response time. We understand that this is a frustrating experience, and we are committed to improving our customer support.

We are working on improving our in-app self-help resources to provide our customers with faster answers to their questions. Also, one of our representatives has reached out to you to address the issues you were having.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make improvements.

The Flowio team

7 augustus 2023

very difficult to set up a pop-up window and finally it doesn't work at all, and this app not any help for my mobile display

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Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2023

Hi Kun Lin Yuan,

Thank you for submitting a review for our app!

Please accept my sincerest apology! We understood this experience was underwhelmed and we would have felt the same way.

I do see that one of our representatives has reached out to you to provide a solution. Can you please double-check and try it?

Once again, my apologies that you have had the experiences that I believe no one would want from a customer service team. I can assure you that the level of support from my team is improving, and we will try our best to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Flowio team

28 september 2021

Great app, I could easily send mails to subscribers and Jei from the support team was quite helpful when I had questions.

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Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 28 september 2021

Thanks for your positive reviews.

At Flowio, we always try to complete and enhance product quality, as well as customer service standards so that you always feel secure and satisfied when using our services.

Please feel free to reach us at any time, we are happy to assist always.

Flowio team.

23 oktober 2021

i am using this app . this app is faster and more relevant and easy to handle to us. Thank you to David to help me to integrate this app..

The Skin Pantry
Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 23 oktober 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for leaving feedback about the app. This is a great encouragement for a new app like us.

Flowio's customer care team is always there to assist you in a timely manner.

Hope your business will compare with us. Cheers!

Flowio team.

Bewerkt 15 november 2021

I am new to Shopify and ecommerce in general. David was extremely helpful in teaching me how to use this app to manage customers better and shared some great tips on how to increase my conversion rates. The features are wonderful and easy to implement. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Arceneaux Curls CO.
Verenigde Staten
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Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 27 oktober 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for your words of encouragement, we feel very fortunate and honored to have a customer like you.

Flowio will continue to launch new features, helping merchants in their business, we will definitely notify you when everything is ready.

Flowio team.

22 november 2021

Bit of an issue sending the first email however support was about to resolve the issue promptly which was great. Far more customisations & flow then your average shopify apps which are great for marketing. Seeing how this goes but so far bravo

Titan Pop Culture
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Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 24 november 2021

Hi there,

Your compliments and support make us feel proud. This gives us more confidence and motivation to continue to improve and perfect our products.

Thank you, wish your business will grow far and higher.

The Flowio team

26 oktober 2021

David helped us migrate from the previous app, very fast and to the point response rate. Integrates pop-up, abandoned cart, subscriber emails and sms in just one app, which is great and very time and effort saving

Finerblack Jewelry
Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2021

Hi Alessia,

It's David here. It is so unexpected for me to get this sweet feedback.The whole team will keep on making Flowio become more complete, providing many convenient features, serving your business in the best way.

Thank you and wish you all the best. Cheers!

Flowio team.

9 februari 2022

Great support! Easy communication and instant help with setting up all the features. Thank you David

Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Flowio⭐ heeft geantwoord 9 februari 2022


We appreciate receiving such constructive words from you. This is a motivation for us to move the app forward and keep making it better and better.

Our Customer Success team is to be with you anytime you need. Again, thank you so much for choosing the Flowio app.