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5 februari 2024

Fodane is feature-packed functionality has been instrumental in our growth. The customer service is outstanding, and there's simply no other product on the Shopify store that compares. Fodane is a must-have for any e-commerce business looking to thrive and succeed.

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Bewerkt 11 januari 2024

Fodane is the best all-in-one sales application I have ever used. It is functionally powerful enough and the team support is very efficient. Many adjustments and obstacles can be resolved within one to two days. I look forward to continuous functionality. I will recommend friends to use it.

I think I need to re-comment. 2024/01/11
1. I am very grateful for the quick response and settings when I first built the website. I also continued to pay for the first 2 months.

2. Later, I encountered a conflict between FODANE and a local delivery application. I had no choice but to uninstall the application until I found a suitable application three months later and planned to reinstall it.

3. The problem encountered when reinstalling is that we need to ask the team again to help adjust the settings suitable for the background theme.

4. But I started to encounter the problem of no one from the team responding to emails and communication software for more than 72 hours. For this reason, in order to open the store quickly, I had to uninstall it again.

5. But in the end, I uninstalled the application because there was no response for three days and was charged. The team continued to have no response. It was not until SHOPIFY intervened that I learned that there was another contact email and was informed of the strict refund policy. No refunds possible.

I feel very disappointed in this. The mistake was not caused by me, but in addition to being charged a fee and wasting time reminding the FODANE team to reply to me, I still have no way of knowing why there was no response in the first place, and I was strictly refunded. What means.

It doesn’t cost much, but how do I trust this app and team again?

Moon Peach
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Bewerkt 12 februari 2024

Fodane is the driving force behind our car accessory business. Its robust functionality fuels our growth, while the exceptional customer service is a game-changer. In the vast world of Shopify apps, Fodane is a one-of-a-kind gem, delivering unique features that are essential to our niche. It's the turbo boost for our e-commerce journey!

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19 februari 2024

Fodane is the ultimate game-changer. Its versatile functionality fuels our growth, while their top-notch customer service is a rarity. In the vast world of Shopify apps, Fodane stands alone, offering a unique blend of features that are indispensable to our success. It's our secret weapon for dominating the e-commerce arena!

Shopping Sinc
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5 februari 2024

Fodane has been a game-changer for us. It seamlessly boosts sales, allowing us to focus on product design and growth. Incredibly valuable and highly recommended!

My Store
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9 februari 2024

Fodane's seamless upselling features have significantly boosted our sales and increased our average order value.

Pets Hub
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15 maart 2023

Looking for an app that can help you create personalized products that your customers will love? Look no further than Fodane! Amazing support !!!

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1 maart 2023

beautiful app and helpful support i would recommend them for any ecommerce store they have all apps needed to make that bag

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6 maart 2023

Awesome app and splendid service! Very happy with this all in 1 solution. Saves me a ton on other apps!

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10 juli 2023

Firstly, I must express my satisfaction with the overall quality of Puran's offerings. The services is perfect. Thank you so much puran

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