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5. huhtikuu 2016

Great little app that you can almost forget about as it keeps bringing in revenue.

The Sufferfest
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Muokattu 3. syyskuu 2023

We have used this app for over 2 years!! They have worked on new features which is great however we don't need all these new features. Unfortunately, app charges have gone up dramatically :( They have helpful customer service (thanks Janice) but we still find it to be out of our budget after the changes to the app. Otherwise great app and has worked well for our shop!

Bling My Ride
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Fomo vastasi 18. syyskuu 2023

Thanks for the feedback! We understand that pricing changes are never welcome but we're happy you've stuck with us and hope you enjoy the new offerings.

1. heinäkuu 2021

I wanted to show real traffic. Fomo does the job. I have not seen sales soar. I wish one could protect sales data in the json file. It may be easy for competitors to scrape your revenues, I guess.

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Fomo vastasi 1. heinäkuu 2021

Hey Delidia,

Thanks for your review! I'll reach out to you separately to see what we can do to adjust your settings to optimize conversions!

You should not have sensitive sales data in the json file. Your site visitors should only be able to see the notification data you've opted to show in your template. I'll send you more details about this via email as well!

6. huhtikuu 2018

I've had Fomo installed for more than a year now.
I still can't confirm that it's a must have or not.

I feel like a victim of the FOMO if I'm not using FOMO.
So I keep it installed.

If I look at the stats I get on the Fomo Dashboard:
200 000 views - 3 sales from those views.

Not really efficient at converting people into customers.
But I know that I can use Fomo in sync with Shoelace and retarget visitors on Facebook.

I think it's the only reason I keep it.

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2. elokuu 2015

Work great, functions as promised, support was awesome, Scott immediately respon our issue.

Liburan Keren
5 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
26. joulukuu 2016 reviews do not work with Pro version, took a star off for this. Curious to see how conversions are really affected by this app, so trying pro version with conversion tracking. Will update my review after a week.

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13. heinäkuu 2014

Useful app. Do exactly what it says.

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27. marraskuu 2016

Great app, but in my view it's overpriced.

Jack Wagon Coffee Co
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6. toukokuu 2016

This app really works. It helps customers decide on what to buy when your store is new. Customers get to see what other customers have previously purchased while they are browsing your store!.That's awesome! It definately helped me with sales. I would recomend this app to anyone with an old or new store.

Wow Treasures
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17. toukokuu 2016

Please add multilanguage and automatic localization for international eshops!

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