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1 giugno 2024

Did not work for my theme "split", therefore just a waste of money.

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19 settembre 2023

The absolute worst.

I paid for this app's "1 TIME" premium service last year. I since accidentally removed the app from my store and when I re-installed it I was informed I would have to REPURCHASED the "1 TIME" premium service despite having already paid for it.

Avoid using this company, they are con artists.
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30 giugno 2019

I have reached out to the Fontify team in every possible way - through the support on their website, through the ask for help within the Shopify app and on their "chat" platform. My requests started 4 days ago and I have recived no response in any format. So, now I'm leaving this bad review in the hopes that, perhaps, someone will care enough to respond. Worst service ever. I would leave zero stars if possible.

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Nitro Apps ha risposto 30 giugno 2019

Hi, Firstly we are so sorry for the delayed reply from your request.
We just have some day off for vacation and weekend and now we are back
Can you let me know your issue and we will try to solve it for you very soon

30 settembre 2022

Way too hard to un-install. I followed their official uninstallation guide. Deleted each custom font and then uninstalled the app. But somehow the font CSS rules are still applying. You have to go edit your own theme and remove the chunks they added. Avoid this app. You can do everything just using CSS in your theme.

The Bucket List Studios
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Nitro Apps ha risposto 2 ottobre 2022

Hi there,

I'm Anna from Fontify support team. I hope you are doing fine.
First of all, I apologize for the bad experience when you uninstalled the app.

When installing the app, we add only one embed code to your theme. So when uninstalling it, just remove the fonts that you uploaded to our app and remove the embed code in your theme, that makes your store reset to the original fonts.
I have tried to uninstall the app on my test store, and everything works correctly. So could you please help me to understand more about your process and issue while uninstalling the app? So we can reproduce it asap!

Fontify can help you change the font for your site, it is especially useful when you want to mix different fonts for different elements on your site. It will be difficult for people who don't know the code to do this, but our app has an Element Picker that helps them select elements easily :)

We shoot you some email so that we can sort it out clearly. And we're happy to refund you if you're not satisfied with your experience.

Best Regards,
Anna from Fontify

Data modifica: 7 luglio 2020

Feels like a scam. Interesting concept, unfortunately very poorly executed.
Once you pay your first bill the price immediately goes up the next day and you keep paying more and more. Would not recommend it.

Wavy Earplugs
Paesi Bassi
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Data modifica: 7 marzo 2021

Extremely bad customer support. Support person leaves chat for an hour between correspondence with no notice then just leaves the chat with questions still pending with no answer. Seven hours later, still not able to install the font I purchased and no reply. Not acceptable. Update- They then harassed me with over 20 emails, begging and pleading for "another chance" then an email including insulting my country. "I thought that Canada is a beautiful place and people from there should be so kind.." STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.

9 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
5 ottobre 2021


Main Street Roasters
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6 maggio 2022

broke my theme code, which could not run until I uninstalled the app. Did not add value and wasted time.

A Love Letter To
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5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
4 maggio 2021

I added this app to my store and it caused issues with icons among other things. I removed the app and now it has left behind residual code breaking a lot of features including CAPS LOCKING customer password fields and making them unable to log in.

Dougherty Glassworks
3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
27 maggio 2019

DONT GET THIS APP, IT"S NOT FREE AND WILL BREAK YOUR STORE.......................................................................................

The Gift Emporium
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