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27 giugno 2023

I was looking for an app to email invoices to customers. This app, like many others, adds the following menu entries to the "More actions" pull down:

Print Invoice
Download packing slip (redundant, already provided by Shopify)
Download Invoice (redundant with Print)
Print packing slip (twice redundant)

Email invoice to customer is missing.

Sequent Microsystems
Stati Uniti
6 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Fordeer Commerce ha risposto 27 giugno 2023

Dear Sequent Microsystems,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your honest review about our application - Fordeer: Invoice Order Printer here. Our users' satisfaction is our utmost priority, and so seeing you dissatisfied with us makes us very concerned.

Kindly take note that we actually have Email Automation as an advanced feature, and by using it, you can send emails with attached PDF invoices to your customers automatically and easily. Since this is an advanced feature, it is only available in the Professional and Premium plans. Please make sure that you have upgraded the subscription plan before you try this advanced feature, sir/ma'am.

Regarding your review you left on the Shopify App Store, it seems not to be true and correct for our application and our service. Then, it brings a bad impact on all of our efforts and our services. Moreover, as far as we've known, you did not contact our support team via live chat or any kind of contact to get assistance about things that it had not been known clearly.

Thus, we are trying to reach out to you, so please keep an eye on your email notifications and have an opportunity to discuss your requirements further. Our mission is always do our best to find the perfect solution for all our clients, and so please accept our assistance. Feel free to contact us whenever you want ^^

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best,

Fordeer Team