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6. heinäkuu 2022

I just started using the app and so far, Customer Service (CS) is on point. I could not get my form to show on a page and used the Chat feature to reach someone in CS. Eldin responded in less than 2 minutes and was quickly able to help me resolve the issue. That said, my overall rating is 3 stars because some to the features that are offered only as PRO should be included as part of the free account (e.g. saving a form as a draft and payment integration). If I could separate the two, CS would receive 5 stars and the App 3.

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HulkApps.com vastasi 6. heinäkuu 2022

Hi there! We have contacted you regarding this in order to amend everything.

16. huhtikuu 2020

App works fine however they are falsely promoting a free version. You can't save any forms in the free version even though it says "unlimited forms." Just be honest and let people know they have to pay to use the app. There's no sense in promoting a free version if it doesn't exist!

35 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
HulkApps.com vastasi 17. huhtikuu 2020

Hi there, thank you for sharing your thoughts, but I would like to clarify ourselves so we can make things right for you.

First of all, we do have a legit free version of the app, where merchants can save unlimited forms, unlimited submissions. Merchants who want to use more advanced features can upgrade their app but even without that, a form can be easily set up in a store. We've not advertised anything which we wouldn't be able to fulfill later. That will affect how we're perceived, and we want to be loved by our merchants for keeping our apps valuable, simple, and affordable (if not free).

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to explain ourselves. We hope you can reconsider the features you see on the free plan and reach out to us if you need any further clarification. Our team will definitely assist you ins setting up your form(s), Also, we offer free installation/setup for all our apps.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.
Our manager will be contacting you in regards to this issue.

Muokattu 19. toukokuu 2019

Free version is soooo limited it basically won't let you do anything.

5 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
HulkApps.com vastasi 19. toukokuu 2019

Hi there,

Sorry that you feel that way. We respectfully disagree with your review as it's not accurate and not fair. We offer Unlimited Forms and Fields under the free version. Yes, there are some paid versions but over 8000+ free customers use the form daily. If you have issues with our app from a functional or support perspective, feel free to share that but it's not fair to add a negative review because we want to charge for features we've built and make sure our business makes money. I would kindly request that you contact our support team and delete this review. If you have any issues with the form builder app, we are happy to help resolving any issues you are facing.

Thank you.