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31 agosto 2023

This is a very good app we used for a while and it works very well.
However, they updated their pricing recently unreasonably and unlogically, considering you have to buy their theme Minimog to start with if you wanna use this plugin.

After we already paid 90 Dollars for their theme Minimog which is this app supposed to compliment its features... now with foxkit new pricing plan, we cannot use a simple "Free shipping goal" bar unless we pay 19$ A MONTH!!

Imagine paying 19$ a month for a simple feature that comes with many free plugins and can even ask Chat GPT to write a simple script for free to embed on your website.

I loved it because it works well with our favorite theme Minimog, but 19$ for a free shipping bar is way too exaggerated.
So we will give it 5 star for quality, and deduct 3 stars for their new greedy monthly plan.

INNOX Group for Cosmeceuticals
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