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Fraud Filter , 202件のレビュー

  • 評価の32%は5つ星です
  • 評価の9%は4つ星です
  • 評価の7%は3つ星です
  • 評価の8%は2つ星です
  • 評価の44%は1つ星です

Doesn't work. I have one rule setup. An order meets the criteria for the rule, however, the app does nothing. Very frustrating. Do not recommend.

Tiny Labs
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年10月24日

Thank you for your review. I am sorry the app is not working as it should. Please contact our Support Team ( to look into this for you. -Emily, Shopify Support


This app does not work at all. As this app is by Shopify, I reached the support and explained everything, how it is not working. Finally got a reply from them to use another app. Then why this app is there? Not at all satisfied

Shopifyが返信しました 2023年8月10日

Hi, there. I'm sorry to hear that the app wasn't working for you, and I appreciate you reaching out to our team about this. If you experienced a technical issue with the app, please know that our team will investigate and do what we can to resolve it. -Sophia, Shopify Support


App doesn't work.

Filter Tagging could be an option but it is missing/not available in this app.
Also the rules doesn't apply immediately.

Cloud Bliss
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年9月29日

Hi, there. Thanks for taking time to leave a review. Could you let me know what specifically wasn't working with the tagging? If you can share more context I'm happy to look into this with our team for you. You can also create a support ticket with our team if it's regarding a bug or specific issue. -Rio, Shopify Support.


Not working, i even set rules for all fields, but it doesn't filter the orders I want.

Shopifyが返信しました 2023年11月13日

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. There are some restrictions on what the Fraud Filter app can do but it should be working with the parameters and restrictions you've set. Please contact our support team for further assistance and we'd be happy to take a closer look at this: -Victor, Shopify Support


Pretty poor. All criteria has to be met for it to work. so if you put a name and an address for example, both would have to match in order for the filter to be applied. Then if the person simply changes their address it wouldn't work. This means in order for it to be effective you have to create 100's of separate filters for each rogue customer. It would instantly transform this app with the simple addition of giving us the choice to add filters with an AND/OR option but considering everyone have been requesting this same feature for almost 2 years I doubt they will implement it. You just get a canned uninterested response saying. "we will pass on the request to our engineers" Don't bother with this app it wont do what you want it to.

Rocksolid Audio
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年5月26日

Hi, there. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We can see why adding additional options to the logic rules would be beneficial to prevent recurring orders. We would be happy to pass your feedback along to our developers for future considerations. Cheers! -Mac, Shopify Support


I installed this because the app is advertised as being able to "block" a customer from ordering, but that is false advertising. You can only cancel the order or send yourself a warning. So I uninstalled it. Absolutely terrible.

Adept Cosmetics®
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年6月7日

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. To clarify, you can use Fraud Filter's rule-based functionality to block orders, and to prevent certain known customers from ordering. If you want to give it another try and need some guidance on setting up a rule, please get in touch with our team here: -Sophia, Shopify Support


Useless. I need to blacklist customer from placing an order. I have been getting some fraudulent orders, all from same email domain. I am ending up cancelling them and refunding, but it still costs me fees. I would appreciate if we can prevent some customers (filtered by IP, domain, name or delivery address) form placing an order in the first place.

Lula Bridal
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年8月10日

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you've been dealing with this, and I'll be sure to share this with our developers for consideration in future updates. -Sophia, Shopify Support


Avoid this app, don't waste your time on it. I am still getting orders from the customers who are blocked for filing false charge backs. This is create a rule by identifying all the key indicators which can identify the customers. For example: IP, Shipping address, phone number, card# etc. It doesn't even give a hint that this customer is on the block list. I email shopify support about it, but didn't get a resolution.

Shopifyが返信しました 2023年3月17日

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback, we truly appreciate it. I'm sorry to hear the filters you've set up in the app don't seem to be working as expected. I'd encourage you to connect with our Live Support Team using this link ( so you can work with one of our advisors to get this resolved. - Blair, Shopify Support


no sirve para nada , llevo 2 meses indicando nombres y datos de clientes y pedidos para filtrar y siguen entrando ordenes fraudulentas


I don't recommend it. The parameters are extremely limited, I put in some straightforward ones just to try to get it to work at all and those didn't work. Support was not helpful and just gave me a list for better apps that are not free instead of understanding this app enough to help me get an use out of it. You should also have a couple of examples that would commonly be used and actually work with the app.

Cheap Cookie Cutters
Shopifyが返信しました 2023年2月24日

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback here. I would encourage you to contact support again with some concrete examples of orders that met your parameters and still came through. If the parameters aren't working as expected, our support team should be able to help you troubleshoot those or escalate you to a technical specialist.

As well, I can definitely appreciate how helpful it would be to have a help doc of example perameters. I'll be sure to pass that on to our development team as a request. Thank you. - Brie, Shopify Support