Accounting, Tax & Data Reports

Accounting, Tax & Data Reports

da PayHelm

Accounting for sales, orders, inventory, tax, profits, & more.

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Analyze your Products

Analyze your sales, taxes, fees, profits and more for each of your Products. Drill into your SKUs, Variants, Tags, Vendors, & collections.

Know your Customers

Analyze 10+ years of past customer purchasing. Analyze product purchasing behavior. See customer groups across multiple Shopify stores.

Measure Profits, Taxes, Fees

Customize finance reports by total sales, shipping cost, transaction fees, taxes, product cost, and know your profit. Export any data set.

Su Accounting, Tax & Data Reports

Analyze, account, report & grow your sales

Analyze your total sales, Shopify fees, shipping cost, product cost, gross margin % & profits across multiple Shopify accounts. Know which products are your best performers and which customers are your key customers. Analyze marketing performance across all your products and account for the best results. Our reports are so accurance your finance team will use them.

Products Reports:

  • Analyze your products by total sales, orders, avg. price, shopify fees, product cost, profits, & more.
  • Filter your sales data by various time frames and compare performance
  • Drill into your data by keyword and analyze all product performance by that filter
  • Analyze product sales by variant, SKU, Brand
  • Filter or report by product details like size, mix, model, brand, ounces, etc.

Customer Reports

  • See which customers purchase the most
  • Know which customers drive the most profits
  • See a customers purchasing behavior over the last 5 years in a trend
  • Dive into any aspect of your customers data

Tax Reports

  • See your taxes paid broken down by country or state
  • Trend taxes over time for any customer, customer group, marketing campaign, or custom data tag
  • Know which products are the most profitable given any tax rate
  • Compare shipping address/state vs. billing address/state.

Custom Filters

  • Filter into each linked account
  • Drill into Product Options, Custom Product Fields, Brand, SKU, Vendor, Product Type
  • Analyze inventory based on tags, collections, or account
  • See sales, fees, profits by payment status, currency, buyer country, buyer state
  • Filter by Coupon codes, Vendors, & Sales Channel ID

Marketing Performance

  • Analyze referral or paid search performance
  • Know which campaigns convert best and are the most profitable
  • See which customers come in through which campaigns
  • Catch referral sources you didn't know existed
  • Closed loop attribution available on any report
  • Analyze Coupons to see which one performed base & who used them

Order Management

  • See orders appear in real-time
  • Link multiple stores together and manage inventory across them
  • At a glance order level analytics help you dive into your reports

Account management:

  • Link multiple accounts together
  • Link PayPal or Shopify to get extra details
  • Invite staff members to your account
  • Share access to your data and control who can see what

Manage & save your data:

  • Export via CSV across multiple stores
  • Bring your charts & data out into CSV format
  • Customize your data & export it all quickly
  • Setup the perfect report and easily save it to CSV


  • Analyze sales on eBay, Walmart, or other channels
  • We support inkFrog, Codisto & CedCommerce
  • Link ShipStation so you can compare label cost

Si integra con

  • Slack,
  • Walmart,
  • inkFrog,
  • eBay,
  • cedcommerce

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  • Connect Shopify & PayPal
  • Analyze $10,000/m in sales
  • 1 integration
  • 1 staff user



  • Connect Shopify & PayPal
  • Analyze $10,000/m in sales
  • 3 integrations
  • 1 staff user
  • Email Marketing



  • Connect Shopify & PayPal
  • Analyze $50,000/m in sales
  • 3 integrations
  • 3 staff users
  • Email Marketing



  • Connect Shopify & PayPal
  • Analyze $200,000+/m in sales
  • 3 integrations
  • 6 staff users
  • Email Marketing

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Ma'at Luxe™

THIS APP IS EVERYTHING! Seriously! It offers all of what I need and more.... Super easy interface. Fast responses from support. By far the best integration for me and my business! Thank you.

Colour Drama Boutique

The best accounting app I've used by far! I'm very impressed with the accuracy of numbers (total,sales,etc).. Very simple to use!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

31 agosto 2020

Thank you so much for your kind review. We work hard to make our accounting reports accurate & timely. We bridge the gap between business insight & accounting so that the marketing team, inventory team, management team, & accounting team are all working off the same numbers. If there is any custom metric or data you need we can add it within 2-3 business days if not same day. Thank you for giving us a try and using PayHelm!

The Merch Club

5 Stars because of the amazing response and support. Andrew in particular listened and implemented some of my suggestions, what more could you ask for. This app is well worth checking out.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 maggio 2020

Thank you so much for the great 5 star review. You had some very good ideas that we were happy to add to the product. How we work is when someone signs up we immediately ask if there is anything we can add to PayHelm to answer any specific questions you might have. We then add it within 2-3 business days and in some cases same day.