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27. lokakuu 2017

I have just created my first shipping bar...I will be back with the review

Pure Aloe Vera 40
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Muokattu 3. toukokuu 2018

awesome app and a great support to answer to question but when i get a bug the support client after trying to fix it just tell me they are not going to fix it and just tell me to delete the app...

The Beautiful Women
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4. kesäkuu 2017

doesnt work with the narrative theme. would give it a 0 stars if possible

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5. tammikuu 2018

Didn't work for my website, tried placing the bar on different parts of the page but no good.

The Original Tea Company
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19. maaliskuu 2018

Not impressed with the customer service. If you own a product you should know how to present your product in order for people to want to stick to it. i asked for support and first i got a no we can't do this and then i emailed again they logged into my site but the effort was poor .I did not feel valued or that you wanted to keep me. so i am out. Your product also restricts you . One would want to select certain products in different collections to have the timer but this does not happen.

Netvic Co Uk
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25. elokuu 2018

It does not work unless I give a review so it is a non functional app basically a review collector.. I had the same thing from a cheap hotel in Nepal he would only let us pay the advertised price if we would give him a trip adviser review.. are you an Indian do you want some rupies ??? no rickshaw no smoke no guide and no tiger balm that what you say to the people on the street and that what i say to you.. have a nice day my flee market tactic friend...

Cl0ck W0rk
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10. elokuu 2019


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14. joulukuu 2016

Horrible. Waste of time. Doesn't work after multiple attempts.

Baby Loving Home Llc
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24. heinäkuu 2018

I'm really sorry to give this a 1-star review. On the face of it, this was a great app. Unfortunately I use a bit of script that makes my site bilingual, allowing users to swtich between languages. As soon as I installed the Free Shipping Bar, this script stopped working correctly, and random pages were displaying both languages simultaneously. This has never happened before and I've never had issues with other apps (in 3 years of use). I uninstalled Free Shipping, but the problem persisted. I deleted and then reinstalled the language code - still happening. It was only fixed when I re-published an earlier version of the theme, so clearly this app had somehow stopped the language code from functioning properly. Sad, because the bar itself worked great and I would have really liked to have it :(

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9. huhtikuu 2021

The number displayed on the free shipping bar was not calculated right. I sent a message to the support, and they have not replied to me.

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