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10 juni 2024


Pet Gadget House
Verenigde Staten
7 dagen gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 16 juni 2024

Hello Pet Gadget House,

Thank you for your review and for taking the time to share your experience with our Instant Traffic app. We're glad to hear that you find it "greet" after using it for about 10 hours.

We are always striving to provide the best possible service and user experience, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us achieve that. If there's anything specific that you think we could improve or if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

We hope that as you continue to use the app, you'll find even more value and benefits from it. If you do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could update your review to reflect your ongoing positive experience.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance or have any questions. We're here to help!

Thank you for choosing Instant Traffic, and we look forward to supporting your continued success.

Best regards,

Eggflow Support Team

10 april 2024

it is kind ogf hard to seyt up

Verenigde Staten
20 dagen gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 20 april 2024

Hello AwesomeMart24,

Thank you for your review and for sharing your initial experience with our Instant Traffic app. We're sorry to hear that you found the setup process challenging. Our goal is to make the app as user-friendly and accessible as possible, and it sounds like we have some work to do in this area.

We would love to assist you in resolving any difficulties you're experiencing with the setup. Our customer support team is ready to provide you with step-by-step guidance to ensure that everything is configured correctly for your store. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly for help.

Additionally, if there are specific aspects of the setup that you found particularly challenging, we would appreciate your feedback. Your input is invaluable as it helps us to improve the app and make the setup process smoother for all our users.

Thank you for choosing Instant Traffic, and we're committed to helping you overcome these initial hurdles to get the most out of your experience.

Best regards,

Customer Success Team
Instant Traffic

11 juni 2024

Non si capisce come si usa e dove faccia pubblicità

Sverzio Store
3 dagen gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 16 juni 2024

Ciao Sverzio Store,

Grazie per aver condiviso la tua recensione. Siamo spiacenti di sapere che hai riscontrato difficoltà nell'uso della nostra app e nel capire dove vengono fatte le pubblicità.

Il nostro obiettivo è rendere Instant Traffic il più intuitivo possibile, quindi ci dispiace che la tua esperienza non sia stata all'altezza delle aspettative. Vorremmo aiutarti a risolvere qualsiasi problema e assicurarti di ottenere il massimo dalla nostra app.

Per cominciare, ti consigliamo di visitare la nostra guida introduttiva e le FAQ, che forniscono informazioni dettagliate su come utilizzare l'app e su dove vengono visualizzati gli annunci. Se preferisci, possiamo organizzare una sessione di supporto personalizzata per rispondere a tutte le tue domande e guidarti attraverso le funzionalità della nostra app.

Siamo qui per aiutarti a ottenere i migliori risultati possibili. Per favore, contattaci direttamente per assistenza. Speriamo che, con un po' di supporto aggiuntivo, la tua esperienza con Instant Traffic migliorerà e rifletterà il valore che offriamo.

Grazie per aver scelto Instant Traffic e speriamo di poter migliorare la tua esperienza.

Cordiali saluti,

Eggflow Support Team

14 juni 2024

Not sure what to think about this app atm. Just using the free plan. Seems to be a pretty decent widget

Miura Vault
Ongeveer 19 uur gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 16 juni 2024

Hello Miura Vault,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for trying out our Instant Traffic app. We appreciate your feedback and understand that you may still be forming your opinion about the app while using the free plan.

We're glad to hear that you find the widget to be pretty decent. Our goal is to provide value to all our users, whether on the free or premium plans. If there are specific features or aspects of the app you're unsure about, or if you have any suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you.

Please feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions or concerns you might have. We're here to help you get the most out of your experience and to ensure the app meets your needs.

Thank you for choosing Instant Traffic, and we hope to continue supporting your business in Spain as you explore more of what our app has to offer.

Best regards,

Eggflow Support Team

26 mei 2024

Sitem engellenmis gözüküyor. Uygulamayı siliyorum bu seferde sayfa bulunamadı diyir. Sayfamın varolan indekslemesini bozdum sayesinde

Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer 14 uur gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 8 juni 2024

Merhaba Luxurytumblerwrap,

Yorumunuz için teşekkür ederiz. Uygulamamızı kullanırken yaşadığınız sorunlar için üzgünüz. Sitenizin engellenmiş gibi göründüğünü ve uygulamayı silerken "sayfa bulunamadı" hatası aldığınızı belirttiniz. Bu durumu çözmek için buradayız.

Lütfen aşağıdaki adımları izleyerek sorunu çözmeyi deneyin:

Shopify yönetici panelinize gidin.
"Online Store" > "Themes" yolunu izleyin.
"Actions" > "Edit code" seçeneğine tıklayın.
Uygulamamıza ait olabilecek herhangi bir kod parçasını bulun ve kaldırın.
Bu adımlar sorunu çözmezse, size daha fazla yardımcı olabilmemiz için lütfen bizimle iletişime geçin. Sayfanızın indekslemesini bozduğumuz için özür dileriz ve bunu düzeltmek için elimizden geleni yapacağız.

Sorunu çözdükten sonra, deneyiminizi yeniden değerlendirmenizi ve bir gözden geçirme yapmanızı rica ederiz. Amacımız, sizin için en iyi deneyimi sağlamak ve memnuniyetinizi kazanmaktır.

Anlayışınız için teşekkür ederiz ve size yardımcı olmayı dört gözle bekliyoruz.


Eggflow Destek Ekibi

26 januari 2024

Free version not very efficiency

25 dagen gebruiken de app
7 februari 2024

Just started. Have to do review ( step 3 ) to get to step 4 , add to circle. That seems kinda unfair, could just be my device. Had trouble with selecting my chosen items from my inventory and had to settle for items that were not my top choices. Don't think it's really fair to ask for a " handout " good review in the set up process, in order to proceed through the setup steps when NOTHING HAS EVEN BEEN TESTED YET.
We'll see. I like the concept, but have tried other exchanges almost exactly the same and nobody clicks, period . You get impressions, no human interaction.

PrintHub Horizon
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 7 april 2024

Hello PrintHub Horizon,

Thank you for taking the time to share your initial impressions and concerns. We understand your frustration with the review step in the setup process and any difficulty you've encountered in selecting items from your inventory. It's important to us that our users have a smooth and fair experience from the start, and we sincerely apologize if this wasn't the case for you.

Your feedback about the review process being premature is valid, and we will take it into serious consideration as we continually strive to improve our app. The last thing we want is for our users to feel compelled to leave a review before they've had the chance to truly experience what Instant Traffic has to offer.

Regarding your concerns about the effectiveness of traffic exchanges based on past experiences, we're committed to proving that our system is different. Our goal is not just to generate impressions but to foster meaningful human interaction and engagement with your products. We're continually refining our algorithms and partnerships to enhance the quality of traffic and interaction our users receive.

We appreciate your openness to the concept and hope to turn your skepticism into a positive experience. Please reach out to our support team for any assistance with your inventory selection or any other aspect of the app. We're here to help make your experience as beneficial and seamless as possible.

We're looking forward to seeing how Instant Traffic can make a difference for PrintHub Horizon. Here's to hoping we can exceed your expectations and truly contribute to your success.

Best regards,

Customer Success Team

22 januari 2024


Ongeveer 6 uur gebruiken de app
6 januari 2024

Why am I only allowed to see and select a few of my products to select from to promote? not as advertised.

Nutritional Necessities LLC
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 19 uur gebruiken de app
16 april 2024

still testing

Pangama Jewelry
Eggflow heeft geantwoord 20 april 2024

Hello Pangama Jewelry,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review as you continue testing our Instant Traffic app. We appreciate your feedback and are here to support you throughout the evaluation process.

Since you're still in the testing phase, we want to ensure that you have all the tools and information needed to make the most out of the app. Here are a few tips that might help:

Explore All Features: Make sure to explore all the features that our app offers. Utilizing its full range can often reveal more benefits and functionalities that might not be apparent at first glance.
Monitor Your Data: Keep an eye on the analytics and reporting tools within the app. These insights can help you understand the traffic patterns and adjust your strategies accordingly.
Feedback is Crucial: As you continue testing, any specific feedback or challenges you encounter would be invaluable for us. It helps us to continuously improve the app and tailor it to better meet your needs.
Reach Out for Help: If you have any questions or need assistance with specific features, our customer support team is always ready to help. Don't hesitate to reach out.
We are committed to helping you find success with Instant Traffic and are hopeful that with continued testing, you'll see the positive impact it can have on your store in Bulgaria.

Thank you for your initial impressions, and we look forward to hearing more about your experience as you delve deeper into what our app has to offer.

Best regards,

Felicia Ng
Customer Success Team
Instant Traffic