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27 maggio 2024

Anne and Alexis are amazing!! The best customer service out of all our Shopify apps. They get back to us within minutes, always fix the issue, and triple-check! I highly recommend them and this app :)

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8 luglio 2024

I've been using the Bogos app to add gifts during checkout, and it's fantastic! The app is user-friendly and has greatly improved our customers' shopping experience.

A big thank you to Mina from the support team. We had a minor issue, and Mina resolved it quickly and efficiently. Her professionalism and quick response were outstanding.

I highly recommend the Bogos app for any business looking to enhance their checkout process. The app and support team, especially Mina, are top!

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2 luglio 2024

I've been using this tool for over two years now, and it has consistently performed excellently. Recently, I needed to update to the new version, and I was incredibly impressed with the prompt and professional support provided. The customer service team was quick to resolve my issues and made the update process seamless and hassle-free. Great tool, fantastic support—highly recommended!Thank you, Mina!

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25 aprile 2024

Finally an app that works as it should. I've been using this app for many years now and this is the first time I've written a review. I'm not sure when the current version came into effect but the upgraded version is outstanding, so much easier to use, no bugs, and the online support is second to none. Well done! Strongly recommend.

Mortels Sheepskin Factory
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17 maggio 2024

This app worked perfectly! As soon as I installed it, Daniel was there to help make sure I got exactly what I needed out of it! He even set up the deal I needed to provide customers with. I just started using it, but so far I highly recommend it!

Project 369
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6 giugno 2024

I always receive amazing support from teh team - thanks to Mina for helping me to integrate to version 2. Your support was spot on and I thought it would take me so much time to integrate and upgrade but Mina handled it for me so it was absolutely painless. Your a treasure to your company - thank you guys!

K. P.
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23 maggio 2024

Hi Team,

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the wonderful support your team has provided. The assistance we received from Wayne, Anne, and Mina was timely, and their technical expertise was truly top-notch. Their dedication to helping us resolve our issues and optimize our setup has been exceptional.

We are extremely satisfied with the " Free Gift Buy X Get Y" app and the level of service your team has provided. Thank you for being so responsive and for delivering such high-quality support.

Baxter of California
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25 giugno 2024

The app has excellent customer support, with Mina providing quick and reliable assistance. The app is intuitive and easy to understand, making it a great choice for any user.

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17 giugno 2024

I was having some issues with the app. Limo was super helpful and able to get me squared away. Thank you Limo.

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4 giugno 2024

Thanks for the great and professional support from David! He made it easy to update to the new version.
The tool is great as well and it runs since more than 2 years :) - Stedy Produkte Online bestellen!
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