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7 juni 2017

First the positive , It works after a bit of fiddling and trial and error.
Now the less positive, the install is messy as you need to let them do it really and they make loads of changes to the theme which frightens me.
Support is slow too taking about 20 hours for a response for me on a question.
Finally and most importantly it is ridiculously priced. I have to pay $40 / month for this app. No idea how they can justify the price as I don't see where the ongoing cost is to justify the exorbitant prices. I have great apps like Yo for $6 and Also Brought for $5 and Live Search for $4 all great useful apps. How this app can cost $40 is beyond me.
Luckily alternatives are appearing which will normalise this quickly I'd say.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 15 juli 2019

We're sorry your experience with our app was not up to the mark. We'll try harder to match your expectations.

25 juni 2015

Good app in theory, but glitchy and not worth the money - $15.99 is FAR too expensive, particularly for something I will use only a few times a year. Some super-frustrating glitches include: I have to delete the gift product and recreate and re-upload them because after the offer ends, the products become mysteriously "unavailable" and not even Shopify could repair it. Also you have to rely on customer honesty - I set it to give a free gift for purchases over $16, which it did, but if someone had only $4 in their cart, and added the free gift product (which was full price $15), then they got it for free instead of paying full price even though their cart did not total $16. Aww, so very tired of sloppy apps :-(

Stitchsoup 2
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15 maart 2020

Very frustrated with this app. I wish it would work properly. I repeatedly need support to fix errors and it is causing poor customer experience on our store.

Exclusive Beauty Club
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 16 maart 2020

Hi Admin,
So sorry for a little late response due to the weekend.
Your request has been checked closely and replied to your inbox already.
Please check your email and we promise we will keep in touch quickly within our working hours.

29 december 2017

This app messed up our store twice. There are a lot of options but each option we wanted to add caused problems. This app asks for extensive help from the developer and a lot of things went wrong in our case. It took a lot of emailing to get things sorted out. The installation took quite some time and some last minute stress the evening before Black Friday. After they installed this app, the featured image of our products was replaced by the second picture in our product pages which is the backside of our products. The support is quite okay though.

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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 15 juli 2019

We're sorry your experience with our app was not up to the mark. We'll try harder to match your expectations.

3 september 2018

We rated 3 stars till the support reply to our emails and tickets .. we installed the store pick app paid and where so happy we found one ... but like other website owners who have little coding and html experience we could ot make it work and have some bugs 3 days and support does no respond to our support tickets all they send us is more application to install

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14 december 2019

customer service in incompetent. that is the reason I cancelled. They couldn't answer my ingle question, but instead cared more about when my subscription will renew.

Spoiled Lips
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 18 december 2019

There might be a little misunderstanding here. We just want to make sure there would be no trouble for your subscription. Specific support has been sent to your email box. Look forward to your response for further assistance. Thanks.

28 februari 2023

I used this app as part of a giveaway campaign. I wanted to give a free book to customers who placed orders over $50, but did not win the giveaway prize. I also wanted the free gift to auto-populate in a customer's checkout when their order exceeded the minimum spend to make it easy for them. Shopify's BOGO option did not support this and I was recommended to try this app. So what's GOOD: the app can't provide a discount code for you to give to customers, which was my preference, but it can create a special link for you to send out. This worked well and customers found this easy to use. So what's BAD: if a customer removes items from their cart reducing the order value to less than your offer's minimum spend the app does NOT remove the free gift from the customer's checkout. This includes when customers remove all the products in their cart, reducing their order to $0. I had one customer send through an order with just the free book on! It gets worse: despite the offer passing its end date and me UNINSTALLING the app on my site, a customer has just now put through an order with the free book gift listed as part of their order (the order is also for $25, under the $50 offer minimum spend threshold, so doubly annoying). This means if customers click on the special link created by the app, that I shared via emails with my giveaway subscribers, the offer is still triggering with all the issues mentioned above. So annoying - now I am desperately trying to work out how to remove the code it must have left somewhere. I hope leaving this review saves others from having to deal with this happening to them. Such a shame as the app has the potential to be good.

Seeds of Wonder
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Secomapp heeft geantwoord 28 februari 2023

Hi Seeds of Wonder,

I'm really sorry for your unhappy experience! Our developer team has just had a quick check and found out that your current cart has not been fully integrated within the app.
Our team has just contacted you via ticket ID #133973 to quickly assist you with the integration. Could you help me kindly check it?

Bewerkt 2 augustus 2019

The app did not work for us and caused our site to lockup. Support by email is in Asia. So if you live anywhere in the USA, your issue will not be addressed until the following day. It's a great concept though. We didn't get to use because it bought our site to a halt.

T.M. Ward Coffee Company
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Bewerkt 20 november 2018

$30 ++ ? It is absolutely not worth the cost. Instructions are there, but it could be better as there are some code adjustments to do, it could take you a while to figure it all out. Also when I remove the main product from my basket, the customer can still get away with free gift by removing the main product. I truly hope it was my mistake (it has to be for that price), but yes, not working for me and not worth the struggle even though support is there. The design is poor looking to my taste. I uninstalled and still I had to go through many liquid files to remove manually files that weren't removed. I love the concept though, just need some major improvements for such a price. So far my recommendation is : don't even try it.

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15 september 2023

Launch with caution, 3PL is chaos! I thought this app would help me just automatically add a gift to cart. And it does, nice. BUT, this also means that the app creates a "duplicate Gift-product 100% discount off" in my store. The free item was fully visible in my store collection, 3PL's didn't integrate because they didn't recognize this "new item". So orders were flying out the door without the gift in the package. Maybe I hadn't done my homework, but I'm used to apps being plug-and-play especially in this price category. Two Stars for super quick customer service, didn't resolve my issues though and chat is buggy. 2 days in, I'm deleting the app for good.

Vallerret Photography Gloves US Store
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