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Muokattu 7. huhtikuu 2023

I recently installed the "Frequently Bought Together" app for Shopify and I am really impressed with its functionality and customer service.

The app is extremely easy to install and set up. There are a variety of options to customize the look and position of the recommendations to ensure they fit perfectly with my business.

I was particularly impressed with the effectiveness of the recommendations. The app analyzes my customers' purchase history and then suggests the most commonly bought products together. This increases the likelihood of my customers purchasing more products and thus increasing my business's revenue.

But the best thing about this app is the customer service. When I had a question, I was answered within minutes by email and the problem was quickly solved. The support was extremely helpful and friendly and even gave me additional tips to optimize my business.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the "Frequently Bought Together" app and would recommend it to any Shopify owner looking to increase their revenue. The combination of great functionality and excellent customer service definitely deserves five stars.

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4. marraskuu 2022

There is really nothing about this app that I didn't like. It is well constructed, looks good, has many customizable features, and the help wiki built right in answered any question I had. While my store is still small, I look forward to see how this app will increase my sales.

Lee Gabel's Bookshop
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7. kesäkuu 2023

Excellent Customer Service, I had troubles with something when I first set up the bundles, due to lack of knowledge on my part. Contacted them through the chat and within seconds Ricardo had fixed all of it and more over was super nice and helpful.

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20. marraskuu 2022

Thank you, that's totally fine. I'll give you a positive review.The customer service was very responsive and attentive. It was beyond my expectations I am very satisfied, so that we can make the sales better, if you have a problem is distressed, please contact them directly by mail. It was handled quickly and worked very well. Just tell them what you need.

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7. elokuu 2023

The e-commerce world is brimming with tools and apps, but every so often, you come across a gem that truly transforms your store experience - "Frequently Bought Together" is just that gem. Integrating this app felt like infusing a dose of Amazon's magic into my Shopify store, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal.

Its AI-driven product recommendations are not just "smart" but laser-sharp and intuitive. Over time, I’ve observed how these AI suggestions have intuitively adapted to the changing preferences of my customer base, offering upsells that genuinely resonate with our shoppers! And the power to manually fine-tune recommendations? It's like having a masterful touch to craft the perfect shopping experience for every individual product!

The option to integrate four different types of bundle discounts has supercharged our conversion rates. It's not just about pushing products together but crafting enticing deals that customers simply can't refuse.

Styling-wise, the app blends seamlessly with my theme. Yet, its flexibility means I can tweak and adjust its appearance to match any changes I make, ensuring it always feels native to my site's design.

But here's the kicker: no matter how much traffic we get, no matter how vast our product range or the number of orders we process, "Frequently Bought Together" handles it all with grace and efficiency.

This app is a must-have if you're looking to elevate your upselling game and give your customers an enriched, intuitive shopping experience. It truly combines the power of AI with the finesse of the human touch. Cheers to the team for this game-changing tool!

Horse Cleaning Masters Of Shampoos ™
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11. elokuu 2023

We're using this app for more than a year now and we're very very happy with the results. Customers get what the want much faster with this app. With just one click they add many products to the cart at once. Customer service is also excellent. Like, I mean it! They answer super fast and are always willing to help. We couldn't be happier :) Thank you so much Code Black Belt team! 100++++++++++

Cuddle Decor
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8. marraskuu 2022

I have only just started using this app to give my customers some offers. It is easy to set up I have only set it to automatic at the moment shortly will see if I can set up some manual offers too. Looking forward to seeing the results soon. Customer service support is excellent. Best wishes Jenny

Rock Chocs
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22. elokuu 2023

Being a beginner with my ecom store, I was having trouble getting the manual bundles and images sorted correctly. Junie really helped me and got me on the right track. Her expertise is invaluable and i was lucky to have someone that understood my problems and was able to help me fix things very quickly! Thanks for all the help!
Chuck (

Dogs All Out!
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13. heinäkuu 2023

The application for suggesting frequently bought together products enhances the shopping experience by providing seamless integration with online stores. Its user-friendly interface offers easy navigation and displays relevant recommendations prominently. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the app generates accurate and valuable suggestions based on real purchase patterns. It also offers customization options for store owners to align recommendations with their specific products and branding. Overall, this application provides a convenient and personalized shopping experience, empowering customers to discover complementary products effortlessly.

Calitate La Pret Mic
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22. kesäkuu 2023

started using it and i saw great results! extra 1-2 Extra items purchased per day on an average 10 order a day (over 30 days that's 30-60 items shifted) that not only pays for it self but helps push my sales a nice bump 10%-15%.

i got in early so 30 day FREE TRIAL and $9.99 after that month so basically try for 2 months @ $5 a month IT"S A BARGAIN it's like $1.25 A WEEK IF YOU GET 1 EXTRA SALE a WEEK IT MORE THAN PAYS FOR ITSELF THE REST IS GRAVY! @_@

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