Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre‑order

Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre‑order

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Crowdfunding・Pre-orders・Group buying・Flash sales

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3 Pre-order campaign types

Easily launch amazing pre-order, group-buy and flash sale campaigns. No platform fees!

Accept now, charge later!

Assess customer demand, fund multiple production runs, and scale with our proprietary split pre-order (Commit & Pre-order) model.

Seamlessly integrated

Works beautifully with your Shopify store order management, fulfillment and checkout.

Su Fundlify Crowdfund & Pre‑order

Fundlify is a powerful crowdfunding and pre-order solution that enables you to independently crowdfund your ideas, projects, and multiple production runs right on your Shopify store.

Who is it for?

  • Startups, established brands, and manufacturers.
  • Designers, artists, makers.
  • Resellers & drop-shippers.
  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo users who want to take pre-orders on their Shopify store.


  • Subscription-based - Zero platform fees!
  • Raise money, take pre-orders, and run flash sale campaigns.
  • You get to keep your customers’ data & traffic you drive to your store.
  • Assess product demand.
  • Take pre-orders now, and collecting payments later.
  • Minimize or even eliminate refunds.
  • It takes a few minutes to launch a campaign.
  • Offer early-bird deals to your backers.
  • Built-in customizable email notifications and campaign post updates.

Benefits for brands

  • Increase your sales volume.
  • Fund multiple production runs for a specific product or a collection.
  • Produce the right amount of the right product to the right customer.
  • Assess the demand and mitigate the risk of creating new products.
  • Avoid overly investing in new products.
  • Avoid production waste.
  • Contribute to sustainable and conscious manufacturing.
  • Deliver products when seasonally appropriate.
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Protect and strengthen your brand’s reputation and customer’s trust.

Benefits for resellers & drop-shippers

  • Launch multiple campaigns to crowdfund your bulk orders from your suppliers.
  • Get the lowest wholesale cost per product from suppliers.
  • Broaden your product selection and niches.
  • Build a solid customer base and evaluate their interest.
  • Strengthen relations with manufacturers and suppliers

Benefits to Kickstarter / Indiegogo users:

  • Assess product demand before launching on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  • Take pre-orders during and after launching your campaign.
  • Fund a single product multiple times.
  • Fund a collection of products.

Fundlify Features

  • One-click Installation, no theme customization.
  • Collection editor - complete functionality control.
  • Crowdfund physical & digital products.
  • Supports your store's currency, timezone, and payment gateway.
  • Supports product variants.
  • Direct checkout & draft pre-orders creation.
  • Accept In-store pickups & COD.
  • End your campaigns anytime!
  • Limit quantity per customer.
  • Export backers' data to CSV file. ​* Built-in customizable email notifications & post updates.
  • 7 responsive collection templates.
  • And much more!

Fast & diligent support

We process support tickets pretty much all the time, including weekends and holidays.

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4.0 stelle su 5

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I'm using this app intensively and it's working great. Anas and her team are committed to the community. They are responsive to issues and that is what matters most. This app is extremely powerful once you learn the ins and outs.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

27 marzo 2021

Thank you for your great review and trust! Wish you the best with your campaigns, love your store!

Rancourt & Co.

We recently switched from magento to shopify and ran our first crowdfunding campaign with Fundlify. The app made it very easy to set up, monitor, and communicate during our crowdfunding campaigns. Overall the app is excellent but could be even better with a few improvements.
1. The app duplicates your existing products to create campaigns which makes set up very easy. The settings are perfect so the app can track your campaigns sales without interfering with regular products or inventory.
2. you can create collection pages easily for grouping your products/campaigns together. There are quite a few good layout options built in for collection pages.
3. setting duration and availability limits on campaigns was very helpful for us.
4. ability to tag orders as "crowdfund" to distinguish from regular orders. Where the app could improve:
1. ability to save a draft of a campaign before launching it.
2. ability to duplicate campaigns
3. Flexibility to make more changes to the campaign once it's launched, especially duration and available quantities
4. ability to add more than one product/campaign to the cart

Risposta dello sviluppatore

12 febbraio 2021

Thank you for your thorough and valuable review! We’re honored that you’ve selected Fundlify to crowdfund your products. I have to say that your shoes are fantastic, we loved them!

We work very hard to satisfy our customers’ expectations, and we will continue to do so, your points to improve our app are spot-on, we will do our best to make them happen.



If I could give zero stars, then this plugin would deserve zero stars, so unfortunately I have to give one star. The plugin has several bugs that I have pointed out to the developers. I was put off that these errors will be fixed sometime in the middle of the year, but you can't wait for that, because this plugin costs money every month.
Here are the reasons for my rating:
- poor Internationalization and localizationes support, it is not possible to translate the plugin, only some messages can be edited
- few possibilities to change the look of the collection and product page to fit the look&feel of the theme
- loading times of the collection and product page are increased, because the content is loaded via fundlify's servers
- unattractive effect on the product page, first you see the normal Add-To-Cart buttons, after that the fundlify controls are loaded afterwards
- images are not responsive and are partially distorted or cropped
- the support is not useful at all all in all it's sad, because the plugin has potential in addition to the developers reply:
i don't have any other plugins installed, so thats not the reason for slow loading times. my images are optimized through tinypng and photoshop, so don't tell me how to upload or edit images. It would be honest to admit that there are still some construction sites in the plugin and that some design decisions are rather poor. Instead, flimsy reasons are brought forth. Speaking of the lack of localization and internationalization in an online store, this already shows that no thought has been given to the topic of ecommerce. this is my feedback and if you are unhappy with it, go and put some effort into your plugin and fix all the things mentioned.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

11 febbraio 2021

Dear Avalu,

Thank you for your feedback, let me explain,

The issues that you’ve mentioned in our communication with you are not errors as you have presented, we take feedback from our users and honor those feedbacks with updates that improves user experience.

As for localization, in no where we mentioned that we have a translation feature, we have fields that you can edit to change the wording of the sentences in English, and it’s not intended to be a translation. However, there is a demand from our users that the entire plugin can be translated and we are working on that for our next update.

Loading times on the other hand relates to the size of other images you’ve added to a specific page , and also depends on the performance of your theme, and how many plugins you have added to your store, and all the other elements that gets loaded on you the theme’s page. So if you have experienced any loading image performance, that maybe the reason. In All cases the app resizes uploaded images to a dimension for fast loading, and we have not received any report on slow loading since we have started.

Again, our widget loads after your page loads, and that’s how the majority plugins currently operate in Shopify, especially for those plugins who don’t embed or modify your theme’s code, we inject our plugin widget in a safe way so that we keep our customers’ themes clean and intact.

Images are distorted naturally because of screen size as they are responsive, and you can change the settings as you see fit, and therefore we cannot guarantee that all images will fit perfectly into the exact template you’ve selected, that’s the nature of our app.

Thank you for your feedback that our plugin has potential, but this unfortunate rating - provided that we have explained that to you - does not serve that goal. We have attended to your feedback and i hope that you reconsider your rating, and please keep in mind that we work so hard to make this plugin a success for everyone.