Gajelabs Currency Converter

Gajelabs Currency Converter

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Sell ​​in the world by making shopping easy in your store.


Attract more shoppers

Sell ​​by converting your store's prices to the customer's local currency customers.

Auto price conversion

The product prices convert based on your customer's location. It makes buying easy in your store.

Updated exchange rate

The exchange rate data provides timely conversions based on the latest rates.

Gajelabs Currency Converterの詳細情報

Gajelabs Currency Converter to make shopping easy

Make shopping easier and increase your store sales using the smart currency detector. Show product prices to your customers in their local currency. It's creating a pleasant experience for your customers while shopping in your store.

Allow customers to see product prices in their local currency

We use a reliable geolocation service to locate customers. This allows us to display the prices of products in the customer's local currency.

Show product price in actual, local, or other currencies with the widget menu

The menu widget allows you to change the currency of the store into several others. This allows them to:

  • See the prices of the products in the store's default currency;

  • See the prices of the products in their local currency;

  • See the prices of the products in more than 180 currencies;

Which will also ease the knowledge of the value of a product for a loved one from another country.

Display the currency flag in the widget menu

You can display currency flags in the widget menu. This will allow the customer not to confuse the currencies with the same symbol.

Change the background and text of the menu color

You have the circular currencies widget menu placed at the bottom left of your store, it is movable. You can adapt these colors with that of your added theme for a touch of beauty to your shop

Impressive customer support

Our customer support team is always available to help with any questions or to set up help. Send us an email using the contact form in the app.





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