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11 december 2023

Nice app and Dania from CC is one of the best, really appreciate her help! After a long search finaly we've found it one of the best tool that we've looked for to help us to increase LTV of our customers and increase the revenue without spending a lot on CAC! Thank you!

FoodNation - Mancare proaspat gatita la oala
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Gameball heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2024

Hi Valentin

Your review warms our hearts. Knowing that you're having a great experience with our app means everything to us. Thank you for being an awesome part of our community!

14 december 2023

Gameball was easy to set up, and has worked well for our customers! Any issues we've had have only been with a few loading areas in the admin, and support was efficient, responsive, friendly, and helpful. I'm glad we chose Gameball and we definitely plan to stick with them long-term! Highly recommended.

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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Gameball heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2024

Hi Wes

You've made our day! We're overjoyed that you're finding value in our app. Thanks a million for your support.

18 januari 2024

We are switching over after seeing how much better Gameball is compared to a couple of the other apps we first used (Glow and The ability to do a dynamic code on the fly is a huge plus over those two apps meaning staff at the point of sale, and customers on the website, can generate a discount code using a sliding scale instead of a fixed amount preset by the store. You can still have preset amounts of course.

The built in search feature seems more powerful than Glow's which has one of the worst search box query systems I've run across (it's extremely picky about formatting or and won't return results unless you spell things exactly correct for example).

There appear to be more features than the others, though I haven't dove into those just yet. But I'm already impressed enough to convert us over to a full paid plan shortly. Exporting and importing customer accounts was a breeze.

PunkOuter Games
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Gameball heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2024

Hi Phil,

We are honored to be receiving this review from you! We can't thank you enough and we hope you've had the time to dive deeper and discover more. Feel free to share any requests with us. We're happy to learn how our app tailors itself to your needs.

9 november 2023

Did a comparison of almost all available loyalty programme apps on Shopify and found this to have the most functions if one is on the Pro plan. Subscription fees are steep but well, there isn't anything else better. ;-) Customer support is brilliant. Quick and solution-oriented. Thanks!!

duSucre Macarons
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Gameball heeft geantwoord 15 november 2023

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback! we love that you loved our app and found what you are looking for and your recognition of our customer support team's quick and solution-oriented approach truly means a lot to us.

If you ever have more insights to share or if there's anything we can do to enhance your experience further, feel free to reach out. We're here to support you every step of the way!

23 december 2023

Dania is the only reason Im going out of my way to write a review because of the helpfulness and quickness to response she had!

The Drip Stop Shop
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25 januari 2024

The trial period has been very good! & the support team has been helpful in resolving an issue for me

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Gameball heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2024

Hey Andre

Thank you for your review! We hope to never disappoint ;)

21 oktober 2023

Lauren has been fabulous in answering all of my questions and really helping me understand the app and what will work best for my business. The app is very easy to get started with and there is definitely opportunity to increase sales with my customers as they start using the loyalty program more and more.

LD Keyfinder
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Gameball heeft geantwoord 22 oktober 2023

Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! 💫
You have one of our champions here at Gameball Lauren and I am glad she has been a valuable resource for you in navigating the app and tailoring it to your business needs.
We're excited about the increased sales as your customers engage more with the loyalty program 🚀

Bewerkt 23 januari 2024

Sadly the system inst working. I like the Tool in general but the Support is very Poor. Thes General System is nice in design but its not giving my Customers any Points when they order.... No Response and NO help with my problems.

Pervoné Schmuck
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29 december 2023

I was looking for Loyalty programs and Gameball was just what we are looking for. They where very helpfull and respond quickly.

Studio Bambacht
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Gameball heeft geantwoord 20 februari 2024

Hi Iris

Your review energizes us to keep delivering better. Thanks a bunch!

9 november 2023

Very disappointed to leave this review. There is no way to customize the email to add or delete the default templates as well as the display and settings don't match and a few other minor issues that I have tried to contact customer service several times to ask for help. What drove me crazy was that the live chat dialog (please note that the live dialog does not allow for live conversations, only messages, and their customer service is very slow to respond) was automatically closed after customer service replied to check with a colleague to confirm the issue. I then repeated the above steps back and forth 5-6 times, during which time I had asked to be contacted by email and they stubbornly insisted on using the live dialog box which drove me very crazy. Then the trial was over and I wasn't able to do any personalization. While paying I can still try to use it for 7 days but it has taken all my patience.

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11 dagen gebruiken de app
Gameball heeft geantwoord 15 november 2023

Hello Chi,

First and foremost, I'd like to extend my sincere apologies for the challenges you've faced, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.

For email customizations and settings: While our investigations show it's fully operational, we understand you might be facing isolated issues. Let's schedule a brief call to delve into specifics and swiftly resolve any concerns.

Live Chat Experience: I understand the frustration you experienced with the live chat dialog. We recently underwent updates, which may have caused some confusion and have been identified and rectified now. Our live chat is now fully operational, allowing for seamless conversations. I appreciate your understanding during this period of maintenance.

To make things right, I'd like to offer you a personalized support session. Our team is eager to ensure you make the most of our platform, tailoring it to your goals. As a token of appreciation for your patience, as well as a complimentary month on any paid plan when you decide to reactivate.

Could we arrange a call at your convenience to address these matters promptly? please book a call from that link

Wish you a good day!