Consentmo GDPR Compliance

Consentmo GDPR Compliance

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Very good and prompt customer service. Every. Single. Time.
And a very customer-friendly way of showing how to change or adjust any features.
Thank you.

Consentmoが返信しました 2024年6月7日

Hi there and thanks for noticing our effort in improving the app's UX 💪
We are rolling out some super exiting things in the next 2 weeks (I'm talking dashboard and sexy store stats), so stay tuned! 👀
Update 13.06: The new Dashboard view is NOW LIVE! 🤩 You can check it and let us know your feedback 😊


We've just setup for Google Consent mode V2 - was one of those things that seemed difficult to do, but with the support of the team and their app, we got up and running quickly. Support fantastic, kind and friendly can't ask for more - well done.

SC Nutra (Sweet Cures)
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年6月24日

Thank you so much for the kind review! We appreciate it a lot! 🙏
Enjoy using our app and if needed, our support team will be here for you! 😉


We had an issue with our store recently and reached out to support. They quickly got back to us and fixed the issue. We highly recommend this app for all of your cookie app needs!

Slice Engineering
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年4月22日

Hi there and thanks for the awesome review! We are very happy to receive it! 😊
Enjoy using our app and if needed, our support team will be here for you again! 👩‍💻🧑‍💻


Very complete app to manage cookies and GDPR consent.
They have great support, Georgi is very attentive and very efficient. In the same conversation, he was able to solve several of my doubts in a very fast and friendly way. I totally recommend!

Consentmoが返信しました 2024年6月14日

Thanks you so much for the awesome review! 🤩 We highly appreciate it!
Enjoy using our app, and if needed Georgi will be here again for you! 🧑‍💻


I am very happy with this app. I have had the assistance of their support team and they are fantastic. Extremely patient and very responsive to my requirements. I am not very familiar with coding but with help from these guys I have been able to move through the installation steps to install my banner and be compliant with regulations. Great work. A great app.

Parade Handmade
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年4月11日

Thanks for the glowing review! 🌟 Thrilled to hear you found our support fantastic and our app helpful. We're here for you if you need anything else! 😊👍


We had great help and support from Georgi when we have some difficulties of the script to our site. Georgi was super helpful and helped us quickly solve the problem. Can highly recommend this app and service!

Common Clouds
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年4月5日

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Georgi's support! Your recommendation means a lot to us.
Enjoy using our app and if you ever need help again, feel free to reach out—we're always here for you!😊


The support team was very friendly and, above all, very quick with my request. All problems were solved perfectly. We can highly recommend the app!

Weingut Korrell
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年6月7日

Thank you so much for appreciating our hard working support team! 🙈
We are very appreciative of you too! 🤗


So helpful and explained everything clearly . Had other compliance/cookie apps before and this is by far the best and very easy to use.
Being a new store owner there is so much to lean so anything that makes it easier is a bonus.

The Daisy Bee Boutique
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年3月25日

Wow! Thanks a ton for the awesome review! 🌟 Enjoy using our app and if you need any further assistance, our support team will be here for you! 😉


Customer service 1st class, Georgi, was very good patient with me to get all the tasks done. for the new google compliance.
The links to how to do what's required are easy to follow and they work.
Thank you Consentmo

No and Low Alcohol Drinks
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年6月12日

Thank you for the amazing review! 🤩 We greatly appreciate it! 🙏
Enjoy using our app and if needed, Georgi will be able to assist again! 😉


Great customer service! After using the app for over a year, we suddenly had an issue on multiple stores of ours. Georgi investigated and solved the issue within a couple minutes. Can recommend!

Nathan EU
Consentmoが返信しました 2024年4月8日

Hi there and thanks for the glowing review! 🤩 We truly appreciate it!
Enjoy using our app and if you need our help, feel free to reach out anytime.