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30 mei 2024

App is good, however pricing is a bit too steep.
Makes no sense for anyone with a website to pay for page visits, because there are plenty of GDPR compliant alternatives better priced.

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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 3 juni 2024

Hello there and thanks for your review! We are currently working on lifting the app impressions limit for the paid plans as they differentiate quite good on features now. In the upcoming weeks this will be changed and this will no longer be a problem. 🙂
Please let us know if there is anything else that you think we can improve in the app, we would love to hear it. 😊

18 maart 2024

We totally understand the definition of impressions:
"Whenever a visitor opens a page in your online store, we count it as an ‘app impression.’ For instance, if someone goes to the Home page and then clicks on a Product page, we count 2 app impressions. This happens because our app is active on both of those pages."

Over an 8 day period we have about 1000 unique visitors and those 1000unique visitors create 3500 unique page views.

Consentmo says that in the same time frame we have achieved 26,000 impressions and are advising us to upgrade to the next plan.

If page views equal impressions then there is something inheritently wrong in the way Consentmo tracks this. This app is using flawed tracking.

We were provided an update and advised that the quota tracker was not resetting itself for our account. We are promised that Consentmo will monitor this for the coming days.

We advise everyone to check your quota and your pageviews. The impressions tracking has proven to be faulty for our case.

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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 21 maart 2024

Hello there and thanks for the feedback!

As mentioned we have an open communication regarding this support case, and from our last follow-ups, the quota counting and app impressions are working correctly for your store.

Note that the issue you experienced was an isolated incident caused by a delayed webhook, resulting in a one-time reset problem. The app impressions counting has been working accurately since the last reset.

We look forward to your email follow-up.

21 oktober 2020

Best partly free GDPR app i can find, but it has some issues:
1. Stops working sometimes. Have to disable/enable consent bar to have it pop up again.
2. Not sure if the consent bar setting really works. It does not block/remove any cookies as far as i can see when using google chrome incognito.

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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 22 oktober 2020

[Update from 23.10.2020] Hello there, we have addressed all of your concerns in the e-mail and you never got back to us to confirm if everything is ok on your end too. Please let us know, we really want to make sure that it is working perfectly for you now. :)
[Reply from 22.10.2020] Hello there and thanks for sharing your feedback. On your points:
1. This is the first time that we hear of such an issue. Is it possible that you have accepted the cookies first and then trying to make the bar visible again? Please let us know, so we could review and advise accordingly.
2. Can you please let us know what tool are you using for this, as this is also not a behavior of our app? We will be happy to address all of your conserns in our channel :)

Bewerkt 26 oktober 2022

It is a good app, rich of features, but it has serious issues regarding the loading speed. Unfortunately I had to abandon this app and move to another one for this reason. Sometimes the code does not even load or loads after lots of seconds, sometimes it loads immediately. They also change sometimes the selectors from "dismiss" to "deny" or from "accept" "allow"... for these kinds of things the code must be stable. I am sorry but I had to leave for another app.

Ghidini 1849
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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 17 mei 2022

Update [26.10.2022]: Thanks for the updated feedback. As far as I see your case is still open on our end and our support team is waiting for you to confirm if you want us to setup the Analyzify integration for you.
Regarding the speed of the app, this is the first time we see this issue mentioned by you, would you share more in the ticket you have opened with us? On the same topic we have this article where we have performed multiple tests on the app I want to additionally confirm that all of the content of our app is loaded via an external script asynchronously, which should not impact the load speed of your store.
Regarding the selector updates, this was a required change that came with the new functionalities we added to the app last week: Annual pricing for all plans + New Cookie Bar layouts. I guess we can not please everyone even when we introduce awesome features.
If you are willing to give our app another try, we will be here to help. Until then our team will continue to provide the best possible service here. 🙂 Cheers!

Update [25.10.2022]: Thanks for your update on your situation with the app. We are currently in communication with Analyzify for finalizing the changes we need to do in order to make both apps compliant again. The release will be done TODAY. Once it is live we will update you via email and here as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 🙂

Hello there and thanks for the great review! We are very happy to receive it! 🤗 More design settings are coming up in the future releases, so stay tuned. 😉

8 februari 2023

installation is sound confused. and cookie bar not showing in store front end. i have taken free trial of pro plan for 7 days.

shaw mei
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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 8 februari 2023

Update [13.02.2023] Hello again, I see that all your points were addressed through the support case you opened with us. Please let us know if there is anything else we could help you with. 😊

Update [10.02.2023] Hi there, we are following up here. Please let us know if you need any further assistance with the app. Our support is already in contact with you.

We look forward to your input. 😊

Update [8.02.2023]Hello there and thanks for the review. We appreciate that you took the time to share your feedback with us.

We noticed that you mentioned that the Cookie bar is not showing on the front end of the store, so we checked from our end as well, and noticed that the app is functioning properly in your store and the Cookie bar is also showing, as you can also check here . If you are not able to preview the cookie bar on your end, we would recommend checking again on another browser or clearing the cookies and local storage for the one you are currently using. You can also try an incognito tab.
Please also make sure that any cookies or ad-blocking extensions are disabled in the browser while testing.

Regarding the Installation experience, we have contacted you through email, so feel free to share your feedback there, we will be happy to address it. 😊

Looking forward to your input.

15 juni 2023

I messaged their support twice in the last few days and received no response. Completely unresponsive.

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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 16 juni 2023

Hello there and thanks for reaching out. I have just checked your cases on our end and I see that our support team has replied to all of them, here are two examples from the 14th and 15th of June:
Can you please check on your end, if these emails have not gone to your spam or trash folders?
Please also make sure to whitelist the and domains in your email settings so you can receive our replies directly in your inbox.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you managed to find the emails on your end and also if you need any further assistance, we are here for you! :)

10 januari 2023

I would recommend this app to anyone it vary helpful for new members and businesses owner's small or big

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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

Hello there and thanks for the feedback! Although positive, we see that you have given us an average grade. Is there anything additional that we could help you with, in order to make your experience with the app better? 🙂
Our support team will be happy to assist with any queries. 😊

17 juni 2023

No tengo idea si esta aplicación sirve o no para mi tienda. Creo que deberé empezar todo de nuevo,

Verenigde Staten
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Consentmo heeft geantwoord 19 juni 2023

Hola y gracias por contactarte. Háganos saber si podemos ayudarlo a configurar la aplicación según sus necesidades. Puede comunicarse con nosotros por chat o correo electrónico a: 🙂

17 februari 2023

il n'est pas en français et je trouve cela dommage car je dois tout traduire avec un traducteur anglais français . vous devriez y penser de mettre les pages en français aussi pour ce qui est de la gestion de la page de cookies.

29 dagen gebruiken de app
Consentmo heeft geantwoord 19 februari 2023

Bonjour, en fait, il existe une option pour traduire la barre de cookies et les pages de conformité en français en cliquant sur un bouton depuis l'onglet Traduction, comme le montre cette vidéo:

Veuillez l'examiner et nous faire savoir si vous avez besoin d'aide pour configurer l'application. 😊

EN: Hello there, in fact there is an option to translate the cookie bar and the compliance pages into French by clicking a button from the Translation tab, as shown in this video: /d/1qb6kYHyaPExfQCo6pBTK4v7Dc2GT4gbb/view?usp=sharing

Please review it and let us know if you need help further setting up the app. 😊

Bewerkt 19 juli 2022

Il semble que l'application soit opérationnelle pour faire ce qu'elle a à faire et la personnalisation est bonne. Cependant, il est très frustrant de voir qu'un service destiné à l'Europe ne soit pas opérationnel dans les principales langues de la zone. On vous dit : "French? German? Italian? Arabic? Doesn't matter, you can use our product with any language!" Oui, mais... Il n'est que partiellement traduit et, comme c'est indiqué tout en bas dans les FAQ, vous devrez faire vos propres traductions pour de nombreux textes affichés aux utilisateurs de votre site (quelques dizaines de champs), ou bien utiliser une application de traduction pour traduire votre site local dans sa propre langue... Je n'opterai pas pour la version payante tant que la traduction est manuelle ou confiée à l'installation d'une autre application.
Réponse : Merci pour votre réponse. Certes, je comprend que l'application est compatible avec les applications de traduction et c'est un minimum qui peut satisfaire les sites anglophones et non européens, qui sont peut-être vos principaux clients. Cependant, compte tenu de la qualité discutable de nombreux traducteurs automatiques, il serait souhaitable qu'un service destiné aux shoppers européens dispose nativement d'un front-end dans les principales langues européennes et non pas seulement en anglais, langue officielle de moins de 4.5 M d'européens. Vous me proposez de l'assistance dans la traduction, vous avez donc les contacts ou compétences en la matière. Je vous propose d'utiliser ces compétences une fois de votre côté pour traduire vos textes front-end, comme l'a fait Shopify. Ainsi, le sujet d'une traduction native et de qualité sera clos pour tous vos utilisateurs, leurs clients européens seront heureux de lire des phrases cohérentes dans leur propre langue, et vous y gagnerez encore en satisfaction et en souscriptions payantes.
N’hésitez pas à me contacter quand vous aurez implémenté le Français dans tout votre front-end, je serais heureux de modifier mon niveau de souscription.

22 dagen gebruiken de app
Consentmo heeft geantwoord 28 juni 2022

We haven't heard from you since yesterday, so I'm following up here as well. Please get back to us, so we could assist with your query.
Can you please get back to us?

EN: Hello there and thanks for your feedback. Our app is fully compliant with the most popular apps for translation in the Shopify app store, as well as, it is possible to fully translate it manually with the help of our support. Having said that, if you need any help with the translation, we will be happy to assist. You can submit a request for that at :)

FR: Bonjour et merci pour vos commentaires. Notre application est entièrement compatible avec les applications de traduction les plus populaires dans la boutique d'applications Shopify, ainsi qu'il est possible de la traduire entièrement manuellement avec l'aide de notre support. Cela dit, si vous avez besoin d'aide pour la traduction, nous serons heureux de vous aider. Vous pouvez soumettre une demande pour cela à :)

Update 19/07: Hello and thanks for your feedback. We will be adding this feature in the upcoming weeks, so once this is done, we will notify you. :)
FR: Bonjour et merci pour vos commentaires. Nous ajouterons cette fonctionnalité dans les semaines à venir, donc une fois cela fait, nous vous informerons. :)

Update 22/07: Hello again, I just wanted to let you know that we now have ready translations of the Cookie Bar + Preferences popup under our brand new feature in the Translation Tab. Please give it a go and let us know what you think. :)
FR: Bonjour à nouveau, je voulais juste vous faire savoir que nous avons maintenant des traductions prêtes de la fenêtre contextuelle Cookie Bar + Preferences sous notre toute nouvelle fonctionnalité dans l'onglet Traduction. S'il vous plaît, essayez-le et dites-nous ce que vous en pensez. :)