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1. helmikuu 2022

Great and abundant design features, easy to use and navigate, but otherwise pretty dysfunctional. Glitches often, isn't easily made compatible in all device versions, therefore making you go through loops to make everything perfect on all devices. Some things will stop working after they've been published for some time, such as buttons and links. Worst part of all: Their support team, or lack thereof. Sometimes emergencies occur and you need immediate assistance, but they are hardly available and generally not helpful. Responses take a long time. Typically if you're running a trafficked website and a problem arrises, you need help pretty quickly. Gem Pages doesn't seem to understand this. This has caused us issues many times. For example, one of our product pages has completely stopped working, which is a huge issue as an e-commerce store. Went to contact support (which is only available through a live chat) and got a message saying that they are on vacation for the next 7 days. You simply cannot operate like this when you're supporting the websites of service providers and e-commerces. Nonetheless, our custom-coded website is near complete and we absolutely cannot wait to never have to deal with Gempages again.

Clean Skin Club
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18. heinäkuu 2020

GemPages itself usually works fine, but customer support times are very bad! On friday, you will get the message that they return on monday. So if you have a huge bug or problem, you have to find a workaround or live with the bug for 4 days (which is a lifetime in ecommerce)!


The theme is FULL of bugs. For instance, it did not work to show the sales price correctly in one of their templates. Then they fixed it (took 2 days), but the fix was still wrong (now it also showed the sale price badge, even if it was not on sale...). Another example: on the product page, i installed the addon to show the stamped-reviews. However, suddenly the reviews also show on the homepage. I double-checked, the addon is not installed on the homepage. And since it's friday today, I will have to wait 4 days (!) to get an answer and have them start fixing their own bug. These are only examples, I had to open multiple tickets only due to bugs in the last 1-2 weeks.

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23. syyskuu 2019

I've been using this app for over 10 months now and have to say this app has GREAT potential. The amount of customization is amazing for the price. However, the rave stops there. The first couple months were great, but for longterm use this is not a good option. The amount of glitches have become too much for the cost. I would love to continue using Gempages because I've integrated so much of my website into their platform, but when you lose hours of work time recreating the same page over and over because something as basic as a save or export feature isn't working- its time to go. I've had to redo the product page on each individual product twice because their meta widget kept failing, I've had to recreate a simple blog post 3 times, the complaints are endless. Time is money and the frustration is unbearable.
Customer service was great the first couple months (or maybe my patience was just higher), but they seem to only give promises of improvements with nothing ever changing. I hope Gempages improves their issues, until then maybe my review will save someone else their time and money.

Melkein 3 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
11. tammikuu 2023

App is good but support are rarely online, or at least not online during our normal business hours in the UK. So we send report requests then do not hear back for hours. With other apps at this price and of a similar nature there is always some support around to help.

MAHI Leather
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GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 11. tammikuu 2023

Hi Jamie,

Please accept my apologies for the recent frustration you've experienced. The GemPages Team always try our best to cover 24/7 across different timezones. Our sincerest apology if at some points you have experienced a longer waiting time due to our high volume of requests.

Please let us know your concerns, if any. We guarantee that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

James | GemPages Customer Success Manager

17. lokakuu 2020

Really hard to use, very slow, they should have done an update way before, this app is cool but everything is hard to use

Le Roi Panda
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 19. syyskuu 2023

It was incredibly user-friendly and reasonably priced at the beginning. However, some troublesome issues have arisen now. Here are the pros and cons of my personal experience for your reference:

There is a limitation on the number of products on the landing page.
There is a noticeable color discrepancy issue after uploading images. While it can be resolved by uploading them to the Shopify folder and then placing them on the GemPage page, it's relatively inconvenient.
I have been using it for many years, and switching would be difficult. I recommend that new users refrain from joining until the above-mentioned issues are resolved by the official team.
The customer service team is responsive and attentive, but the issues are related to the company's product

Montagne de Pierre
10 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 3. tammikuu 2023

We are so delighted that you rate our support 5 Star. We strive to provide just that for all our customers. We're excited to be your companion as you watch your business growth.

Muokattu 27. joulukuu 2018

After leaving a positive review of 5 stars, I feel compelled to let customers know and rewrite my review after experiencing extremely negative things about this app. Overall the app does what it is supposed to do with minimal bugs. My issue was with the customer support team. I have requested multiple times for assistance regarding the design on our product page however i have been told that they are 'overloaded' with work every time i reach out to them. It has now been over two months asking them to assist with two changes to be precise and have been given empty promises every time i raise the issue, especially after mentioning how frustrating it is every time for the last 2 months. I have now hired someone to do the two implementations for me and when asked how long they took to do, he told me exactly 4 minutes. It is a real shame as i have another 6 Shopify stores that will need a page builder however after this experience i will be going for alternatives.

Hilton Textiles
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25. maaliskuu 2019

I'm a web designer by trade, and beginning to use this app seemed intuitive, easy, and fast. I loved it in the beginning. Shortly after, I had started gathering issues (integrating into Shopify Homepage, Product Element blocks not showing properly, widgets not completely loading in the gem builder, inconsistent viewing, and continuous bug after bug).

This is where it stopped being intuitive and straight annoying. A web designers apps and tools are everything to them. It's how I do my job. I found I couldn't depend on GemPages to properly execute my designs or support me with my problems when I needed them to, and for this, that is their BIGGEST flaw.

That's why they have a two star rating. The interface is beautiful and the customization is endless. However, if you have deadlines and wish for support to fix your problems FIRST TIME AROUND, this app will do nothing but disappoint you.

Cycle Kids
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9. kesäkuu 2018

If you are planning a website that is international and want it to be available in various languages ie use a translation app such as langshop, then gem pages is NOT for you. As I found out today.

I have used gem pages for months, and recently uploaded the langshop app to be able to offer my website in russian etc for our overseas clients, while the menus translate, the pages created using gem pages do not.

When I contacted the gem help, this is their response...

"It's a pity that Gempages does not compatible with this app.
Currently I have been supporting many multiple languages shop
and most of theme chose to create different shopify stores for each languages and sync each other .."

So again, shopify may offer lots of apps, but you need to really make sure that the app makers are offering software that talks to each other, so ask lots of questions, I made the assumption that there was a generic understanding with apps that worked on your shopify store that they would talk and work together, and I am now paying the price for this assumption.

Olivia Graham Cashmere
5 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Muokattu 5. kesäkuu 2022

I've tried all of the major Shopify Page Builders. Only Shogun and GemPages are worth using. Shogun is a little more polished than GemPages, everything is a little more responsive and slightly easier to use, and their templates are a lot better. However, Gempages is a much better value. Even with their $300/month plan, Shogun doesn't offer unlimited pages. So for someone like me who uses Shopify as a blogging platform with occasional A/B testing, Gempages is a much better fit. I think that as GemPages continues to improve their product, they could overtake Shogun at some point. Edit Jun 2022: After using this plugin for a bit, I have to revise my rating. With lots of effort and working around bugs, it's possible to make pages with this tool. But it's a real chore. Stupid things happen all the time when you create pages: like text losing formatting, text having additional formatting you didn't give it, changes you make on mobile breaking things on desktop, or just simple things like there being no easy way to insert your saved custom blocks at a specific place on the page. I don't like using this tool and will be moving onto an alternative ASAP.

Christian Pure
3 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 29. kesäkuu 2022

Please accept my apologies for the recent frustration you've experienced. I want to express our gratitude for your input. It will enable us to address these issues and enhance our services. Please contact us via email at or live chat if you have any further concerns.

James | Customer Success Manager