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29. kesäkuu 2020

The idea is great, but there are so many glitches and bugs that it makes it impossible to create a simple page without losing your patience.

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27. elokuu 2019

This app has a very cool concept and is fun when it is working but I have found it is just not worth the time and effort you put in. The customer service is great (Only Leah you should give her a raise). But sadly the only reason that I mention customer service is bc of the amount of times the app bugs up. The page when you are finish editing does not look like it does on the app, when you actually go to the website, so you have to work off that. Had a couple times where my page just wouldn't load at all. Had a section just randomly deleted that I spent hours working on. & the app is extremely slow. Defiantly not worth the money and time. Too anyone considering I would just suggest to go and buy a nice shopify theme so you won't have to waste so much time on random bugs. I wish the app the best though for the future as it would be really cool and unique if it didn't have so much problems. I seriously felt like I was dealing with an app in Beta. Sorry for the criticism but hopefully it will spark some improvements.

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25. marraskuu 2019

Very slow and poor technical support. The app is ok, but pretty buggy if I'm honest. At present, I can't recommend this app.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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Muokattu 9. elokuu 2019

At first use, I was very happy with the ease of design.
But when I would publish the (hours and hours worth of) edits, the real view of my website would totally glitch and ruin everything I worked on in both desktop and mobile view.
Support team is friendly and eager to help, but ultimately were not able to fix the problem properly. I could not afford to waste any more time fiddling with it so disconnected the app.
Very upset with all my time and effort wasted!

Classique Kids
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14. lokakuu 2018

serieusement cest pas le top surtout pour ce quand vous faite votre page sur ordi et vous vous mettez sur portable tout change rien n'est a la meme place sinon beaucoup d'options mais galere un peu

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21. huhtikuu 2017

Really simple tool to use and loved it. However there seems to be numerous bugs associated with it. After installation I found out that IE would not display the images on pages created with the tool. Contact Chris and he responded right away to fix the problem.

Then a week later the homepage would not save and it started disabling the main menu. Contacted Chris and did not get a response for 3 days, still have not heard anything from his team or him.

Maybe he will get in contact with me later since he likley has a life of his own that he needs to live. However, for a business owner, to have two bug issues within two weeks of installation and to not have a response back within 3 days of inquiry is highly risky.

Thank god the store is not live yet to affect the actual business. Will be uninstalling and moving on to another tool.

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1. syyskuu 2020

Support is HORRIBLE. If something isn't working, good luck! The only support is a bot, so it's impossible to get anything resolved. Software is great, which is why I gave it 2 stars. I couldn't get it to load on my Shopify page, emailed, watched youtube videos, tried the bot, and couldn't get it resolved. Now I want to cancel my subscription and there is NO information on how to do that either.

Brainy Baby Boutique
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26. maaliskuu 2019

I really love the idea and platform, however, tech support never responded to my issues. I downloaded this app because of the positive reviews regarding awesome tech support, but I got zero response. It's a real bummer because I found the app useful for what I need, but if I am going to pay $20/month, I want to know my issues will taken care in a timely manner so my store doesn't lose sales. I lost some money for sure.

West Coast Battery Store
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