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21. heinäkuu 2024

I am on the paid version, so far it is user-friendly and there's always support after hours ( I think their support is based in the Philippines) The best time to reach them for support is nighttime in the USA. My biggest issue is when they are supposed to be saved, there were a few times it didn't and I had to back track and waste more time. I'm not sure when this happens but I've had to hit Save every time I made a small change while working on the page to avoid it from happening again. I would love to love this app. Will change this if support can reach out and give me an explanation.

Designs By Wildside
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21. maaliskuu 2024

Not integrated with Shopify. There's always an issue that comes up, for example I just found out that from android there was a bug with the cta button which was huge. The preview doesn't work. I recommend you to use a Shopify pre built theme instead.

BPG Radiocomunicazioni Srl
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12. maaliskuu 2024

The app is quite nice and it has a variety of features/pages. However, the chat support is never available for a quick question. I need to wait hours to get my questions answered usually when I am away from the computer - so it's very frustating.

Canbra Prints
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GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 15. maaliskuu 2024

Dear Canbra Prints,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with our chat support service.

We understand that waiting for a response can be frustrating, especially when you have urgent questions. We want to assure you that we are actively working on addressing the issue of long response times. Due to high demand, we have experienced delays in handling customer inquiries. However, we have already taken steps to expand our support team, although training new staff members may take some time.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this transition period.
Thank you for your continued support.

GemPages Support Team

2. lokakuu 2023

I recently gave Gem Pages a whirl, primarily to assist in creating ad landing pages. At first glance, the app seemed promising, but as I delved deeper, I noticed that the effort required to design a landing page here was quite akin to constructing a custom page using Shopify's theme builder sections. Given the similarity in workload, I wasn't entirely convinced to invest more time into it.

Where I felt most let down was during the uninstallation. It's vital for apps to ensure a smooth, clean uninstall process, but that was far from the case with Gem Pages. Although the app was technically "removed", it left behind traces – unwanted code in my theme file, redundant templates it had created, and a plethora of unused assets. Gem Pages could've been more considerate by tidying up after itself.

That said, it wasn't an entirely negative experience. I didn't hate the app. It has potential, but the user experience, especially during uninstallation, needs some fine-tuning.

Empire Skate
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GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 4. lokakuu 2023

Thank you for trying GemPages and seeing its potential for the landing pages. We have noted your observations on the design effort and we are constantly improving our features to make GemPages more user-friendly and efficient.

We are sorry for the uninstallation issue. We know how important it is to have a smooth and clean uninstall process, and we apologize for the leftovers in your theme files, templates, and assets. We value your feedback and we are working hard to fix this problem.

Your feedback helps us to enhance GemPages and provide better service. We appreciate your honest feedback, even if it points out our flaws, as it helps us grow.

If you ever come back to GemPages, we hope you will see the positive changes from your feedback. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Our team is ready to help you and make sure you are happy with GemPages.

Thank you for choosing GemPages.

We hope to serve you better in the future.
GemPages Support Team

Muokattu 20. lokakuu 2023

Installed the app to try it. I decided it was not for me. Used the safe uninstall feature that is supposed to remove all the code. It did not work. I still have over a dozen templates, snippets, and so on added to my themes, including my live theme. Support reached out to help the next day, but I did the removal myself to speed up the process.

Canvas by Numbers
GEMCOMMERCE CO., LTD vastasi 19. lokakuu 2023

Dear Francisco,

We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with our app's safe uninstallation. This was not our intention, and we understand your frustration. Rest assured, we are actively working to enhance this functionality for a more seamless user experience.

In regard to support, we want to clarify that our support team is already in touch with you and provided the support, however, we haven't heard from you since the last message providing instructions and offering to escalate to the Technical team. If you still need further assistance, please don't hesitate to get back to us. We are just one click away.

Your feedback is valuable, and we appreciate your input. We're dedicated to improving our services and ensuring a better experience for all our users. Thank you for trying our app and we hope to make it right again for you.

Warm regards,
GemPages Support Team

12. heinäkuu 2018

The page builder is great, but the blog builder still needs work and customer service has been very slow in fixing the issues with the way my blogs are appearing on my website. Disappointing, because I really enjoyed using the app for my landing pages.

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3. huhtikuu 2020

I used this app to customize my shopify pages and collections. I like the features, the ease of use and the price. Unfortunately I have found that documentation on app features is very limited and the tech support takes too long to respond and then the response is not complete and requires several back and forth communications to get the answers that I need. I pay for the pro version which says it includes quick response. Since I haven't experienced this I requested information about getting a quicker response if I upgrade to the highest plan and still have not heard back.

Our Boat House
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Muokattu 27. toukokuu 2020

Its ok, kinda buggy and lacking some features that make it difficult to make quick changes. pretty overpriced in my opinion. support is whatever.

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Muokattu 18. syyskuu 2019

The app does have a lot of nice design features, but also has its significant drawbacks. For one, it's quiet hard and complicated to use, and designing pages (or even just sections) with it can be a tiring and draining experience that takes much of your time. In addition, when you try to edit an existing subpage with the app, all the existing content of the page gets completely messed up, and at least in my experience, the features I tried to add (in existing subpages) didn't even work properly.

I'm currently using the app as a temporary solution until I get a new theme, to complete a lot of things that are missing in my current free, sucky theme. I only used to build the home page. This app is, indeed, good as a specific or a short-term solution for a feature that's missing in your theme, but I don't recommend using it as a long-term solution or build your entire store with it.

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31. tammikuu 2018

I like the app for its functionality. I faced a lot of issues with the use of the app which caused a lot of down time on my website. While Chris could do with a stronger support team, he did not hesitate to jump in and navigated the entire solution with me. I appreciated that a lot.

Brown Bag Wines
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