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23. helmikuu 2023

Wir sind begeistert. vielen Dank für den tollen Support und das Sie unsere Wünsche umgesetzt haben. Echt super, es sieht einfach toll aus. Danke.

Danke euch

AWK Flagship
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17. marraskuu 2022

Ho provato a contattare la loro assistenza 3/4 volte senza ottenere alcuna risposta. Il file .xml generato dalla app è compromesso e dunque non posso condividere la sitemap su Google Search Console

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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 21. marraskuu 2022

Dear User,

First of all please accept our apologies for not addressing your support request earlier as your emails were filtered out by spam filters.

As we have explained in a direct message, your problem seems to be from the use of some non-standard characters in your URLs that are not compatible with XML format.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and we hope you find the information we had shared privately to be helpful.

Kind regards

12. elokuu 2021

This app is super easy to use and customer service is awesome! I needed help with some coding and they not only answered my email in less than 24 hours, but also fixed the issue in the same time as well.

Headbands of Hope
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 12. elokuu 2021

Thanks for the great review Lauren! Glad we were able to help with the layout of your Sitemap page.

12. toukokuu 2021

Works well for what I needed. I really like that it adds pages automatically, then you can manually remove pages that you don't want.

Leitner Headsets
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 12. toukokuu 2021

Thanks for the great review Chris! Glad we were able to tweak the layout a bit to suit your needs.

Muokattu 18. kesäkuu 2021

AVOID THIS APP; IT WILL RUIN YOUR SEO. The product, even if it only has one thing to do. It doesn't do it without creating NEW WARNINGS in Google Search Central. Once I requested help from their team, I found very little help to solve my problem. EVEN if all I was asking was for the app to do what it's supposed to do to improve my SEO, this was a big headache to their lazy support team that it was content with just saying they don't support customizations. Even if I have a huge popular Shopify theme and their app was actually DAMAGING my SEO, the resolution was that their app is cheap; therefore, if it doesn't work too bad, what did you expect if it's that cheap is the reasoning they were giving me. A complete and absolute joke, do yourself a favor and AVOID the headaches and issues this app will create for your hard and already complex SEO. Here are a couple of beautiful extracts from their ""customer support."" "Before I continue to advise, if you're unhappy with the app, then I'd highly recommend that you should remove your review and possibly the app from your store.... ...An app that does exactly as it states and is priced accordingly and for support that has been timely and efficient." "I'm sorry, but this is just not supported. I have already done too much by editing your theme and your stylesheet. We can't keep making changes when you change your theme. The app is priced based on the level of functionality we offer and the amount of support we are prepared to provide. " To be clear, my issue on GSC was (actually still is) that the elements on the HTML Map crated are "too close." Basically, the site map created, which is the only thing the app allegedly does, has almost no space between the product link, collection names, and other elements. This creates a mobile usability error in Google Search Console. How on earth is it possible that first, the product has this known issue and they don't fix it. And second that they can't work a bit harder and help me modify the CSS to solve this issue.

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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 3. maaliskuu 2021

Thank you for your feedback, we hope you find an app that meets your specific needs.

Muokattu 2. helmikuu 2021

A great user-friendly app, really like it. Works easily and sitemap looks fantastic too. Keep up the great work guys.

Calibre Furniture
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 2. helmikuu 2021

Thanks for the great review Himanshu! Glad we could help with your layout tweaks!

29. joulukuu 2020

This App is a perfect way to take the burden of developing and maintaining your html site map off your plate. It is very easy to use and the app support was extremely responsive and helpful. You can check out my sitemap here for reference;

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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 29. joulukuu 2020

Thanks for the great review Adam! Glad we were able to help you with your layout requirements.

30. marraskuu 2020

SEO HTML Sitemap works great for us. Functionality and simple and straightforward and the support staff is excellent. Very responsive to the questions and problems I had. Would recommend.

Overnight Flowers
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 30. marraskuu 2020

Thanks for the great review Chris! Glad we were able to help you with your sitemap requirements!

20. marraskuu 2020

It's for create sitemap but when you need "This app does not create an XML sitemap for your store. " For what use this APP ? For put basic sitemap in search console ? Thank you genious !

Sex Dolls Europe - (Official)
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 23. marraskuu 2020

Thanks for your review, however, it seems that you may not have understood what our app does. Our SEO HTML Sitemap app generates an HTML sitemap. It does not generate an XML sitemap. There are some good options for XML Sitemaps in the app store. I hope you find one that suits your needs.

3. marraskuu 2020

Does exactly what it says on the tin, works well, and where there are questions customer support were quick and helpful as soon as reaching out

Fullgreen UK
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Petna Ventures, Inc. vastasi 3. marraskuu 2020

Thanks for the great review... glad we were able to help you customise your HTML Sitemap!