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Modifié le 6 mars 2020

Great idea but it doesn't work.I assume its because shopify still doesn't recognise that we have a domain attached to Spanish language which is driven by a language application, installed within Shopify and which shopify doesn't recognise in their new language setting.

Sea Yogi
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Shopify a répondu 14 mars 2020

Hi Sea Yogi,

You are correct that we do not support different domains for different languages at this point within our language settings. We are exploring how we can add support for this. Keep an eye on the Shopify Changelog for updates.

- Geolocation team

8 septembre 2023

The conversion rates shown on the shop front are totally off.
When customers want to see the prices in their own currency they will be most likely surprised to have to pay more at the checkout (because PayPal does convert correctly) than what the shop shows - because the conversion rates do not reflect the daily conversion rate fluctuation.

This means that the shop will experience an increase in abandoned shopping carts or customers start complaining about not matching prices shown on the website and taken off their accounts.

Being a Shopify native app I would have expected a perfectly working app especially when it is installed/recommended during installation when setting up a new shop.

Very disappointed.

Smart D'sign Embroidery
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Shopify a répondu 19 septembre 2023

Hi there, the Geolocation app does not do anything with conversion rates. It sounds as though there is something else going on with your store, separate to the app - please reach out to us so we can help diagnose the issue and fix this for you.

13 septembre 2023

rubbish app. didnt even work

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24 juin 2021

not working for more than a month, this app is not detecting from where the customer is coming from, popup is not working alsol

Golden Beards
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Shopify a répondu 29 juin 2021

Hi there, we can't see anything wrong with the pop up on your site, it looks to be working as expected when we visit your site (image here: When testing, if you are located in your store's default country/language, no recommendation will appear (since there is nothing to change), and this may be what you are experiencing? You can test with a free VPN or using the in-app preview.

13 octobre 2020

I used this app to add multi currency support. I just observed though that itis not doing currency conversion and only switching currency signs. Is there any setting to display the currency converted value ?

Blue Pigeon UK
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Shopify a répondu 4 janvier 2021

Thanks for your review. For the Geolocation app to offer different currency recommendations, you first need to make those currencies available from your Shopify Payments settings. Once you have done so, the app can help your buyers switch to their preferred currency.

3 septembre 2023

no funciona

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Modifié le 9 septembre 2020


Real Hair London
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9 avril 2023

WHY can we NOT customize this popup? I need to customize it. Implement more features pls, otherwise 1 star only.

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8 février 2023

Application doesn't work, Shopify doesn't care, I just asked them to help me because the geolocation is not working proprelty and except being nice and full of fluff, they couldn't help

Koss Design
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Modifié le 8 juillet 2021

The new version of the App includes a pop-up that appears to each visitor with a fix text that can not be changed, saying: "This shop sends to (your country), check alternatives to shipping (your country)" First of all we are not a shop, we are a educational institution. Second, we sell digital products (courses), so our customers do not need to "receive" nothing. It is a must for us to edit the text that appears in the popup to write what applies to our business. ¿When will you allow it? Thank you.

LISA Institute
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Shopify a répondu 20 juillet 2021

Hi there, thank you for this feedback. We have heard similar pieces of feedback from other merchants, and while this has been built with physical products in mind at the moment, we will be looking at how we can expand this into other products like digital/subscriptions in the future.