Gift Card Factory

Gift Card Factory

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One-stop bulk gift card importer and unused balance reminder

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Import gift cards from a CSV

Gift cards get automatically emailed to customers, instantly.

Issue store credit in bulk

Drive new customers to your store and reward old ones with actual store credit.

Like discount codes, but super

Gift cards can be used in conjunction with discount codes and other promotions.

Su Gift Card Factory

Shopify gift cards are very powerful, however traditionally there are only two ways to issue a gift card...

  • Customer purchases via the checkout
  • Manually issue via Shopify back end

...until now!

There is no way to bulk generate gift cards. Until now, you could only import gift cards via the Shopify API on Shopify Plus plans. Or you had to create discount codes, which have lots of limitations (see below).

But Gift Card Factory lets you:

  • Import gift cards from a CSV file - Gift cards get automatically emailed to customers
  • Automatically generate a list of gift card codes - Distribute them yourself vie mail or print
  • Send scheduled reminders about available gift card balance (NEW FEATURE)

Example use cases:

  • Run promotions where you give customers real store credit
  • Import gift cards from another platform
  • Offer store credit instead of refunds
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Provide credit to influencers, sponsored athletes and brand advocates

As easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Install Gift Card Factory and select your plan
  • Import a CSV file with three columns: customer name, email address, gift card value
  • Gift card gets automatically emailed to customers

Why is it better than just issuing discount codes?

Discount codes are powerful too, however have limitations such as:

  • Can’t store credit, so a customer can only use them on one transaction
  • Customers can only use one discount code per order
  • Credit can’t be added back onto discount codes

Advanced features:

  • Set custom prefix for your gift cards to track promotions
  • Populate a list of gift cards that you can print or distribute via other channels
  • Set expiry dates for cards (a good idea for when you are giving away store credit)

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Die App ist großartig. Wir mussten große Mengen GS-Codes aus unserem alten System in Shopify importieren. Die App hat fehlerfrei funktioniert. Die Handhabung ist ebenfalls einfach. Der Support von Mat war vorbildlich. Rückmeldung innerhalb von 5 Minuten! Fragen und Probleme wurden umgehend geklärt. Aus meiner Sicht ist diese App für den Import von Codes alternativlos.

Young Life Store

Absolutely fantastic! I have no idea how I'm the first to review, but this app did exactly what it said. If you need to bulk upload existing gift card codes, this app finally does it. It's such a simple tool. We were migrating to Shopify and needed to bulk upload a bunch of gift card codes (500 is the limit for free). It took 10 minutes to format and upload. Done. I also emailed the developer with a few questions prior to downloading the app and they responded in less than 30 minutes. Great work! Hope more people start to use this.