Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program


Launch a Loyalty Program w/ Referrals, Store Credit & Rewards

Innovative Loyalty Program

Launch a proactive loyalty program, increasing membership & LTV. Boost rewards & referrals usage w/ customer accounts & one-click checkout

Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

Set advanced Credit rules to incentivize referrals & reward customers. Boost retention using bulk store credit for refunds, returns and more

Advanced Gift Card Program

Build a superior Gift Card experience: Enable customers to schedule & send Gift Cards, Create Gift Cards in bulk, Sell physical Gift Cards

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programの詳細情報

Build an enhanced Store Credit Program w/ Gift Card, Referrals, Rewards & Loyalty:

With, a Store Credit & Loyalty Program solution, you’ll harness the power of Gift Cards to increase revenue & loyalty and to drive new customers to your store.

Build Your Gift Card Program

  • Build an enhanced Gift Card and Store Credit program on every Shopify plan.
  • Customers can send branded, digital Gift Cards and gift vouchers directly to gift recipients via Email & IM (isn't included in any of Shopify’s plans - but we make it available in all plans)
  • Free Replatforming/Migration - migrate your gift cards, store credit and loyalty points for free
  • Multi-channel capability allows you to offer Gift Cards usable across multiple stores (Online, Shopify POS / Point of Sale) WorkFlow - Send Store Credit Using Automated Rules & Personalized Recommendations

  • Set up as many rules as you want to increase loyalty, retention, satisfaction, and memberships
  • Use Store Credit & Loyalty Points as easy-to-manage rewards, cash back, and loyalty cards
  • Referral and affiliate marketing — Integrate our affiliate & referral program to reward customers who refer a friend
  • Returns and Refunds - Issue Gift Card Refunds and offer store credit for returns
  • Establish automated bulk Gift Card & gift vouchers based on triggers Examples:
    • Offer $5 as Cashback for membership
    • After spending $X/customer Referrals, the customer receives $10
    • After buying 3 times at your store, the customer receives a gift

Expand Marketing Abilities with Bulk Gift Cards

  • Send Bulk Gift Card & bulk discount campaigns
  • Incentivize purchases by offering Credit, Loyalty Points & Discounts (sell a $100 value card for $85, etc.)
  • Send reminders of Store Credit balance
  • Integrates with leading payment provider and marketing automation tools
  • Use Store Credit to manage returns & upgrade your customer service
  • Works with external checkout and subscription apps
  • Great for last-minute shopping & countdown Wishlist - instant delivery

One Click Checkout

  • Quick Apply & easy customization - All vitals included
  • Support customers rave about (see app & product reviews)

Certified Shopify Plus App

Top Shopify Plus merchants power their Rewards, Loyalty & Store Credit success

Great native replacement

No matter what platform you migrate your Gift Cards and Store Credit from - Rise can handle the migration for you!

Integrates with subscription solutions and payment gateways

See integrations below!

Expand Customer Loyalty, Make Them smile

Send Gift Cards & Store Credit, make customers smile

Start your free trial today!

Operational app status:


  • Klaviyo,
  • Recharge,
  • Okendo,
  • Loop Returns,
  • Loox Product Reviews,
  • Yotpo







料金 7日間の無料体験




$0.2 per order above 100

  • 100 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • Advanced Gift Card Program
  • Manually Issue Store Credit
  • Store Credit Accounts



$0.15 per order above 400

  • 400 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Starter plan features
  • Claim Page Customization
  • Check Balance Page



$0.1 per order above 2,000

  • 2,000 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Small Business plan features
  • Apply Store Credit Button
  • Bulk Gift Card Creation



$0.05 per order above 12,000

  • 12,000 Monthly Total Store Orders Included
  • All Pro plan features
  • Multi-Store Gift Cards
  • White Labeling

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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GoJava Werk Perks

I love working with the Rise team. They're response time is faster then light and they are always there to solve any issue that arises. Pauline has helped me on countless occasions and is always so informative and super friendly! Even when Rise is experiencing technical difficulties, the team is quick to respond and update!
10/10 would recommend working with this AMAZING team. Thanks again for everything! Riley @ GoJava


Scammy/spammy. They put their name/email on your UX THREE that's (3) times on every customer email, and every other inch of UX that your customer might see. Seriously it's excessive. We would not even do that with our own logo. This costs $600/year and you must pay annually, just to test it and find out how spammy it is. To get rid of this branding plastered all over your customer emails, you must pay $1,000/mo. Feels very deceitful. Hated it.



Hi there,

We're sorry that you didn't have the best possible customer experience. Hila from our team has tried to be in touch with you directly to clarify how our plans work and what is included.

It appears you didn't get a chance to fully view how our app works and the customizations you can make.

We do offer a 7-day free trial and we offer both monthly or annual subscription options :)

However, I see that you've uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times which may have prevented the trial from being applied again. We can help with this!

Regarding whitelabeling/Rise logo, our Pro plan allows for this to be removed from the Rise assets, and our Premium plan offers further whitelabeling benefits.

Please be in touch with Hila or reach out to us at so we can clarify everything.

All the best


App works great for gift cards and store credit! Easy to use. Customer service team is also very responsive and helpful. Shout out to Pauline for the great customer support!!



Thank you for the review! Glad to hear everything is easy to use and you received great customer support from Pauline and the team :)