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17 februari 2023

One of the big problems in E-comm has been people send others gifts and unless we manually printed the message to a card stock printer and stuffed in the box the gift recipients would call us to find out
1. why they got something they never ordered.
2. If its a gift who is it from?
This is more of a problem in drop shipping as we don't pack our own boxes!

Gifted presents a very simple, easy to install and configure app that the giver fills our their name, their email, the recipients name and email. Then selects the occasion and write their own note! Best of al it can be sent when the order is complete or scheduled for a specific date!

The support is top notch if you need it and I had some questions they were very happy to help me with and the price is more than fair!

No more angry phone calls about why they got it, or who sent it to them :)

Well Done Gifted, and the emailed gift note looks good too!

Mom and Pop Gift Shop Inc.
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6 januari 2023

We LOVE the Gifted App. This team is amazing and has gone above and beyond for us. A lot of our clients are much older, and have been requesting confirmation of their Gift Message in their email confirmations of purchase. The Gifted Team was so nice and helped us get this feature live to support our clients' requests! This app totally changed the game for our holiday sales this year. We can't recommend them enough!

Texas Olive Ranch
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31 december 2022

App Is Crashing and customer our placing orders and they are not going though but sending gift emails.

Wildest Dreams Flowers
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Bewerkt 2 januari 2023


The co-founder reached out in response to the below review and the customer service experience has completely turned around. Danielle is managing our case and is truly going above and beyond what I have seen from any app-based customer service offering. They are working internally on the issues and even proactively reaching out to my customer to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. If this is the kind of service we can expect in the future, we will be lifelong customers.

The app is a great idea that has awesome potential, however, the existing bugs and zero response from the team is beginning to make it unusable. I have had multiple customers reach out that selected a delay in the sending the gift message only to receive an automated email confirming that the gift message has been sent. I don't know if the email is wrong and the recipient will receive it when they're supposed to or if it's accurate and there's no delay, but I have an inbox full of customers waiting for a response that I can't provide because Gifted will not answer me.
Additionally, our subscribe and save feature only seems to register sometimes with the gifted app. I fear that having just gone through the holiday season we are about to lose a number of sales from customers that signed up for subscribe and save but will only get 1 box because through the gifted button, that feature is not consistently recognized.
We'd love to stick it out and make it work because this is such a useful app, but if we continue to receive zero support we will not be able to use this app moving forward.

Rebel Cheese
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26 december 2022

Cool app! Can you send an e-gift, and then the recipient adds their shipping address? Also, could this work with a gift card?

Grove Cookie Company
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30 november 2022

Amazing app and FABULOUS support system. When I installed it, I had an issue with the "gift" button not aligning with my "add to cart button". I contacted customer service and they got back to me promptly and were able to fix it. So happy with the product!

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13 juni 2022

I'm so glad I found this app! It's highly customizable, so I made the button match my theme colors and it looks GREAT!!! I had a little problem with the button being too big for the space I had it in, and it looked a little squished, so I reached out to support and the devs very kindly reshuffled and resized a couple of things and made the button look perfect. I'm so happy with the look and feel of this app, I cannot wait for my customers to take it for a test run. Highly recommended!

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
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3 mei 2022

The app is awesome! The best thing is their support system, always willing to help and welcoming new suggestions. Overall good experience with the app and customer satisfaction is 10/10.

British Food Supplies
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14 februari 2022

AMAZING APP!!! Very accommodating customer service. We accidentally did something to cause the code to disappear from our theme (no clue) and in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT the day before Valentines Day, they had it fixed in 15 MINUTES!

UnEarthed® Premium Scented Candles
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3 november 2021

This app saved us! We use Amazon multichannel fulfillment and we didn't have the ability to do gift messaging - since our business relies so heavily on gifting, we almost had to find another fulfillment partner but then we got lucky and found this app. The experience is great for both customer and takes zero effort for sellers. Love love love! Thank you so much!

Hongkong SAR van China
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