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18 aprile 2024

I have had an ongoing issue where a new affiliate's referral link is showing up in the banner at the top of each page on my boutique. This is a new affiliate and since she joined us this has been happening. I have repeatedly asked for assistance in getting this resolved and let them know that I entered my boutique via the back office / admin area of my boutique yet they continue to say that I clicked on her link when that was not the case. I wasnt even in goaffpro. The support you get when trying to resolve an issue is horrible. They dont even read your messages. They have just continued to say that I used her link when that was not the case. There is an error somehow with the app that they refuse to resolve. I have been asking for help with this for 2 MONTHS and it is still not resolved. Im about to remove the app and go to one where you can get the support you pay for! This has been a nightmare!

Teacup's Paw Couture
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GoAffPro ha risposto 19 aprile 2024


This is because you activated the shopping with toolbar in your program which shows the affiliate whose cookies are present in your browser.

Since you had clicked the affiliate's link, the referral cookie is present in your browser which shows the toolbar.

Our support had also informed you about the same thing.

Attaching the support conversation screenshot below

Also, your email to us was 12 days ago NOT 2 MONTHS back ??

The resolution as replied by the support rep was also simple. You can either Turn off the shopping with toolbar function (Look & Feel -> Toolbars tab ) OR clear the affiliate referral cookie in your browser which removes the shopping with toolbar.

You can clearly test this as the toolbar will only appear in the browser which has the referral cookie (so try with a mobile browser ?)

Hope this information helps

5 aprile 2024

Without a doubt this is the most complicated app I think we have to use every month. The app provides enough information to sink a ship and yet cannot simply supply a PAY NOW button for each affiliate, it is extremely frustrating

Scale Motorsport
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GoAffPro ha risposto 6 aprile 2024

But it's right there in the Payouts page

Click on the Payouts page in the admin sidebar and click Mark paid for which ever affiliate you want to pay

See the guide below

It's literally one click away in the admin panel

24 giugno 2024

had this app for less than 24 hours and have 23 random affiliates. They are automatically accepted and its very obvious that they are scam accounts because of their suspicious looking names. Customer support sucks, they take forever to give you an answer. Too bad as it looked promising when I was setting up the account but this app has major privacy and security issues. I also ready loads of reviews of affiliates not getting paid and that is not something good for the reputation of our website.

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7 aprile 2024

I am completely outraged with the customer service at Goaffpro. I've been stuck with a problem for 24 hours, and the only thing they can think of is to send me an email instructing me to repeat an action that doesn't work. Even so, I have followed their instructions, returning to the app and trying again, but nothing changes. The situation remains the same. The lack of interest and professionalism from their customer support team is unacceptable. There is no excuse for this level of negligence and lack of support. I am furious and still waiting for a real solution

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Data modifica: 30 giugno 2024

Contact customer support a couple of weeks ago with a simple commission issue, they couldn't resolve it and referred it to their tech team. Haven't heard a sensible answer from anyone since!!
GoAffrpro really struggle with simplest of issues and have become a bit complacent, i would have a look at other Apps as my issue is so very very easy to understand but they simply are not dealing with it!
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23 ottobre 2023

we have been a loyal customer of Goaffpro for the past three years and have relied on their service to manage our affiliate program. However, my recent experience has left me deeply disappointed and frustrated. Over the last three months, we decided to make the transition to the GoKwik custom checkout system, believing it would improve our user experience. Unfortunately, for the past 20 days, we've been encountering persistent issues that have hindered our operations. What's even more frustrating is Goaffpro's response to the problem.

They claim that the issues we're experiencing are solely due to the custom checkout system, but I strongly disagree with this assessment. I have conducted a thorough analysis of our setup, meticulously testing different scenarios, and it is evident that the problem lies within Goaffpro's platform, not the custom checkout. It is deeply frustrating that they have swiftly shifted the blame to the custom checkout without conducting a thorough investigation.

Our frustration has been exacerbated by their reluctance to investigate the matter further. As loyal customers with a long-standing relationship spanning three years, I expected Goaffpro to take a more proactive approach to address this issue. Instead, we've encountered resistance and a lack of willingness to explore potential problems originating from their end. This approach is far from the customer-centric service we had come to expect from Goaffpro.

In conclusion, my recent experience with Goaffpro has been disheartening. While the service has been reliable and efficient for years, their handling of the recent issues related to the custom checkout has left us frustrated and dissatisfied. We urge Goaffpro to reconsider their position on this matter and commit to a comprehensive investigation into the issues their customers are facing. It's time for them to restore the trust of loyal customers like us by addressing the issues promptly and effectively.

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GoAffPro ha risposto 24 ottobre 2023


So the app was works fine with shopify chekout but not with gokwik checkout.

In such a case, Logic dictates, then the issue is with gokwik checkout not with goaffpro.

Over 40,000 merchants use the app with no issues whatsoever because the goaffpro app is fully vetted, thoroughly reviewed and regularly re-reviewed by shopify App Store team to ensure everything works as intended

Gokwik is not a shopify approved app.

You can ask gokwik team why they are not in Shopify App Store.

Apps on the App Store are thoroughly reviewed by shopify for their compatibility to ensure smooth experience for merchants

Unapproved and unauthorised apps not only violate shopify merchant terms but also breaks compatibility with other apps.

Our support team also mentioned the same to you that custom unapproved checkouts cannot be reliably supported as they don’t follow shopify best practises

Just ask yourselves, why is gokwik checkout not in Shopify App Store ? And you’ll have the answer as where the real issue is

18 luglio 2023

Unfortunately, the app can no longer be opened recently. In the corresponding area, "Just a moment" (or something similar) flashes very briefly, then the screen goes white. Thus, GOAFFPRO must unfortunately be removed from our store again.

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2 febbraio 2020

Paid for the premium membership because it promised integration with ReCharge (another Shopify app). Integration did not work at all. Tried to downgrade my subscription, but no option. Contacted support, no reply. Writing this in the hope that I get a response. I would like a refund for the 2 month premium and my subscription downgraded.

Dr Heffs US
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Data modifica: 26 luglio 2023

UPDATE 26 JULY 2023 ***DOWNGRADED to 1 sTAR***** Declining Service has lead to changing our review. Please read below The Customer Service has declined
Keep this in mind when you buy an app, you are paying for the Customer Support as much as you are paying for the functionality of the app. Anuj is amazing. The response time and quality of responses is superb. I would recommend this to anyone simpLy because the service is excellent. The App itself does what is required for Affiliate Tracking. Recommendations: allow for more branding on the Affiliate Dashboard itself. Adding branded imagery in the background would be great idea as well as offering more branding on the Affiliate Welcome Email.

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3 giugno 2022

WARNING!! This app will cause you a headache. The app registers and allocates previous and non-affiliate sales to affilliates before they have even signed up! Then it is your problem to get in touch with the affiliate to inform them about this issue and to tell them that the sale was not made by their referral links and that it instead a cookie related issue from the app. Customer service answered very fast, but not really an enjoyable experience I'd say. Clear instructions on cookies and other tech related warnings should be mentioned up front!

The Sense of Doubt
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GoAffPro ha risposto 3 giugno 2022

Hi Aleandro

As clarified by the support email, this attribution was done by the admin having the affiliate's referral cookie in their browser. That is how every system does referral sale attribution.

By clicking on the referral links of the affiliate, your browser was "tagged" with their referral cookie for sale attribution and that is exactly how the attribution works for regular customers too.

I.e. customers click on the link -> referral cookies are set -> when they complete the purchase -> the sale attribution is done.

We can disable the admins from getting referral cookies set BUT that again prevents them from testing the system at will. So it is kind of like catch-22 situation for everyone.

So we have built some capabilities in the app
The system also gives you the ability to clear the browser cookies via noref links like , will clear all referral cookies

and/or you can easily manage the sales via the Sales page.

Finally, you can also set a shorter Cookie Duration for auto-expiration of cookies or perhaps just a simple "Remove tracking after order" toggle (which can be enabled in the Settings -> General Settings tab)

The app does explain this in the setup wizard when you set the app. Maybe we can add a feature to allow the users re-run the setup wizard to learn the referral system

Hope this misunderstanding does not sour our long term relationship.

Thanks and Regards
Anuj Tenani
CTO @ Goaffpro