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Overall a really great app. It's allowed me to grow my affilate program for my company. It's super easy to use and the support team has been very helpful. We needed to do a mass delete of some of our inactive affiliates over the past years and they were able to do that for us no problem. Highly recommend. It would be nice if they could add a feature for affiliates to choose a free item gift when they make a first purchase so it gets added to the order right away!

Savage Babe

This has been a PHENOMENAL tool to help us grow our business with affiliates. The level of support is top notch. Very responsive! Helped me understand the intricacies of the tool and how to make custom tweaks

Matt-Hat Jerky

The App has all the features we need to provide our partners with transparent Data for their Performances. Easy to use for beginners and a lot of possibilites for advanced users.

Can recommend!


You're getting a robust affiliate marketing program, an app packed with features giving ultimately flexibility and excellent customer service. All at an extremely fair price. As far as Shopify apps go, this is probably our best value.

The Useless Pancreas

I'm delighted with this app, and so are my affiliates. It offers numerous controls that empower you to provide resources and information, enabling affiliates to excel. Plus, it's incredibly user-friendly, which is a huge bonus for someone like me who appreciates simplicity.

TrueMedX Bioceuticals

Goaffpro is a great app to track and manage affiliate marketing! Easy to track affiliates progress and tons of options to create new and customizable codes. Affiliates also get their own login and dashboard in order to track sales and earnings!

Atlas Preservation

The affiliate marketing is great for a business of any size! They provide support and guidance to ensure your business grows and thrives through your online shop!

CAKES body

I have had an ongoing issue where a new affiliate's referral link is showing up in the banner at the top of each page on my boutique. This is a new affiliate and since she joined us this has been happening. I have repeatedly asked for assistance in getting this resolved and let them know that I entered my boutique via the back office / admin area of my boutique yet they continue to say that I clicked on her link when that was not the case. I wasnt even in goaffpro. The support you get when trying to resolve an issue is horrible. They dont even read your messages. They have just continued to say that I used her link when that was not the case. There is an error somehow with the app that they refuse to resolve. I have been asking for help with this for 2 MONTHS and it is still not resolved. Im about to remove the app and go to one where you can get the support you pay for! This has been a nightmare!

Teacup's Paw Couture
GoAffProが返信しました 2024年4月19日


This is because you activated the shopping with toolbar in your program which shows the affiliate whose cookies are present in your browser.

Since you had clicked the affiliate's link, the referral cookie is present in your browser which shows the toolbar.

Our support had also informed you about the same thing.

Attaching the support conversation screenshot below

Also, your email to us was 12 days ago NOT 2 MONTHS back ??

The resolution as replied by the support rep was also simple. You can either Turn off the shopping with toolbar function (Look & Feel -> Toolbars tab ) OR clear the affiliate referral cookie in your browser which removes the shopping with toolbar.

You can clearly test this as the toolbar will only appear in the browser which has the referral cookie (so try with a mobile browser ?)

Hope this information helps


The platform is straight forward and allows for both basic and more complex affiliate programs. We like the ability to really customize the program. Their fee structure seems to be fair as well. Most importantly, their support team is great and responsive.


Without a doubt this is the most complicated app I think we have to use every month. The app provides enough information to sink a ship and yet cannot simply supply a PAY NOW button for each affiliate, it is extremely frustrating

Scale Motorsport
GoAffProが返信しました 2024年4月6日

But it's right there in the Payouts page

Click on the Payouts page in the admin sidebar and click Mark paid for which ever affiliate you want to pay

See the guide below


It's literally one click away in the admin panel