Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

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Convert more & automate support with an AI chatbot & shop quiz

Help shoppers find products

Increase conversions by helping shoppers find the right products based on their individual needs with AI-powered guided selling quizzes.

Automate repetitive support

Reduce support burden and offer instant 24/7 customer support with our AI support chatbot. Works hand-in-hand with your existing help desk.

Collect data + opt-ins

Collect customer data, grow your email and SMS marketing lists faster than ever, and personalize your email/ad/SMS marketing campaigns.

Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quizの詳細情報

What is Gobot?

We help fast-growing Shopify stores convert more shoppers and reduce support burden with beautiful guided selling quizzes and AI-powered support chatbots. Always put the perfect product in front of every shopper and automatically resolve repetitive customer support tickets 24/7/365.

Guided Selling Quiz: Drive More Sales & Personalize The Customer Journey

Convert more shoppers by learning about their needs, making spot-on recommendations, and personalizing their shopping experience accordingly with AI guided selling quizzes.

OLD WAY: Shoppers struggle with choice paralysis and find it difficult to choose the right product(s) based on their needs.

NEW WAY: Shoppers are guided to the right product(s) based on their individual needs via AI guided selling quizzes, and their shopping experience is personalized accordingly. Uncertainties in the buyer's journey are eliminated, returns are reduced, and shoppers feel personally tended to.

Collect email and SMS opt-ins. Send personalized welcome emails based on the expressed needs and preferences of your shoppers.

Use Gobot to build buyer profiles and truly personalize your marketing channels. Sync answers, actions and other buyer profile data points with Klaviyo, Drip, Active Campaign, Attentive, Postscript, and others.

Track custom Facebook Pixel and Google Ad events for answers and product recommendations. Automatically create lookalike audiences on Facebook for important customer segments.

Track quiz revenue and engagement with robust analytics.

Gobot’s deep Shopify integration makes it easy to pull product recommendations into your quiz, and these recommendations stay up to date as inventory changes. Further, relevant product recommendations will auto-populate your quiz recommendations based on smart rules you’ve set in Gobot - no need to continuously update your quiz as your offering changes.

Fast-growing merchants choose Gobot over Octane AI.

AI Support Chatbot - Reduce Support Burden

Automate repetitive support, improve customer satisfaction, and slash response times by making our AI chatbot the front-line of your support. Gobot’s chatbot can update customers as to the status of their orders, initiate returns through your returns portal, help resolve order issues, and much more.

Unaddressed questions get sent directly to your existing helpdesk via email. Handoff, as necessary, to whatever help desk or live chat you are currently using, including Gorgias and Zendesk.

Leverage valuable analytics provided by Gobot to see what your customers are asking and are most interested in.


AI Guided Selling Shop Quiz and advanced custom order status message functionality must be separately enabled on your account. Please request an invite via email after installing.


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  • drip,
  • attentive,
  • postscript,
  • gorgias,
  • zendesk







First 5,000 engagements free! We also offer full service chatbot + quiz setup and management. Contact us for pricing.

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A quiz like on the screenshot is not available in the free plan. Just wasted a couple of hour trying to build it. Now, more that a week after deleting the app from my shopify shop, I get an e-mail that I will be moved to the paid account shortly. What?? DON'T try this app. Nothing but troubles.

Grayline Medical

Great App I am closely working with Max Ronai to make this app work better for our website. I am extremely impressed with the knowledge of the GOBOT team. They are very talented and available whenever you need

Rose Boutique

This app brings that extra umph to my shop. It is to easy to create and the idea of having a BOT to do all the talking for me is simply genius. I love it. AMAZING!!!