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8 de abril de 2023

Twice in 5 months this app randomly triggers the deletion of my GMC account and I have to contact Google support/restart from scratch. This app has serious issues. I warn anyone against using it until they can prove they've resolved this issue (which from what I can tell, nobody on support understands or can explain -- they just blame it on Google).

Vermont Maple Syrup
Estados Unidos
5 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 7 de junho de 2022

I installed the app about a month back and the support was good. While they assist in setup, you can easily feel their nudge towards a paid plan. But thats fine. We hoped to take it anyway. While the support is prompt, may executives are trainees who simply dont understand the issue. But even that can be condoned.
Her are the real issues:
#Even after a month and numerous chats, we havent been able to make the app to work correctly. The app keeps uploading old sold out products to merchant center, and consuming all the credits. Despite several requests, they are unable to fix it. The custom profile we created clearly exclude sold out products yet the app everytime upload products in default profile which you cannot control except by unpublishing products on your shopify store. This completely negates the purpose of custom profiles. And, to add insult to injury, while the app uploads these sold out products, it also consumes all your credits.
They promised to fix it, yet our GMC is filed with old sold-out products that the app repeatedly uploads. This is our first ever negative review, but it is well-deserved. I hope they are able to fix the bugs.

4 meses usando o app
30 de junho de 2022

First of all, I don't like that this is the only app available if I want to use Google to advertise my products. Second, customer service is very lacking. It is obvious that customer service is located outside of the United States, which means if I need assistance from account manager and/or add team, I have to access them early in the morning. This gives me a very limited amount of time for interaction. Also, there have been times when I receive no replies from either my account manager or add team and I have to go to "live chat" to receive an answer.
The app is easy to use, however there have been glitches where my products do not show up on Google. This has been very frustrating.

JSM Collectibles
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Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
26 de maio de 2022

So clunky to use and very pushy customer service with unsolicited text messages. Will not use them again and would not recommend to anyone.

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 21 horas usando o app
3 de agosto de 2021

They say there is a free plan. I installed the app to try it out, but there's really no free package

Estados Unidos
7 minutos usando o app