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4 de junho de 2024

If i could giive more than 5 stars i would. I was having an issue with code showing above my header and couldnt figure out where it was coming from. So i contacted support to see if it was something to do with the SEO. Max connected to my pc and spent at least a half hour or more and told me it wasnt an issue with the SEO and insisted on helping until we could pinpoint where it this extra code was coming from. Turns out it was an issue locally with my system and we able to uninstall the app that was causing the extra code to appear. Great support even for an issue that was unrelated to the services they provide. This is how every company should operate. Thank you max for your dedicated effort to help figure out what was going on.

Performance Auto Technologies
Estados Unidos
10 months usando a aplicação
31 de maio de 2024

I am subscribed to your Shopify App for about a month. I have zero experience and not too much time to spend on SEO, even though I know these things are of great importance. It was so easy to follow the prompts on my own and I was able to see how my website performs, which was very informative. I kept on doing what the app suggests, and even without anything extra other effort i was already able to see a change in the amount of views on my new site.
I needed some extra assistance for further improvement, and I contacted the support team. Remy was of great help, and made me feel comfortable in asking for help.
I would recommend Tapita to anyone, especially a newbie like me!

África do Sul
5 months usando a aplicação
13 de junho de 2024

Tapita is an exceptional app designed to enhance SEO and page speed, making it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to improve their website's performance and search engine ranking. Here's a detailed review of Tapita based on user experience and key features:

User Interface and Ease of Use
Tapita boasts a clean, intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate. The dashboard is well-organized, allowing users to access various features and tools without any hassle. The layout is straightforward, ensuring that even those with limited technical knowledge can use the app effectively.

SEO Optimization
One of the standout features of Tapita is its robust SEO optimization capabilities. The app offers comprehensive tools to analyze and enhance your website's SEO, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and on-page SEO recommendations. These features help users identify and fix SEO issues, ultimately improving their site's visibility on search engines.

Page Speed Enhancement
Tapita excels in improving page speed, a critical factor in both user experience and SEO rankings. The app provides tools to analyze your website's load times and offers practical suggestions to enhance speed. This includes image optimization, minification of CSS and JavaScript files, and browser caching. Faster page load times lead to better user engagement and higher search engine rankings.

Customer Support
One of the highlights of Tapita is its exceptional customer support. Users have consistently praised the support team for being responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful. Whether you're facing technical issues or need guidance on using the app's features, the support team is readily available to assist you.

Performance and Reliability
Tapita is known for its reliability and consistent performance. Users have reported minimal downtime and smooth operation, ensuring that their websites remain optimized at all times. The app is regularly updated to incorporate the latest SEO and speed optimization techniques, keeping users ahead of the competition.

Value for Money
Considering the extensive features and high-quality support, Tapita offers excellent value for money. It provides a cost-effective solution for website owners and digital marketers looking to improve their SEO and page speed without investing in multiple tools.

In summary, Tapita is a highly recommended app for anyone serious about enhancing their website's SEO and page speed. With its user-friendly interface, powerful optimization tools, and outstanding customer support, it stands out as one of the best apps in its category. Whether you're a small business owner or a digital marketing professional, Tapita can help you achieve better website performance and higher search engine rankings.

Reino Unido
6 months usando a aplicação
23 de maio de 2024

Great app that greatly boosted my visibility on Google as well as page loading time. Other than that I was amazed at how many things in my store were badly configured or missing. I'm also very pleased with their support as it took a couple of minutes for them to start working on correcting my store. Keep up the great work guys ;)

Alike Pottery Studio
5 months usando a aplicação
10 de maio de 2024

First class service from Liam and the technical team. All our critical and technical SEO issues were all fixed within 24 hours and this is all part of the subscription at no extra cost. The speed of our website has also increased to 91% using the Speed Optimizer within the app. We have tried several other SEO apps and services in the past and Tapita has proved to be by far the best in terms of improvements to our SEO, service and value for money. Highly Recommended!

Reino Unido
6 months usando a aplicação
7 de junho de 2024

Great Customer Service, nice and helpful. An excellent app that greatly improved website performance and SEO. User-friendly features make it a must-have tool for website owners. A 5-star rating!

11 months usando a aplicação
18 de abril de 2024

Thank you Liam! Initially I was having difficulty with finding out how to let him access my page but he was very patient with me. He helped to fix one of my critical SEO errors to change the sizing of my favicon and and even provided the screenshot so I know what was adjusted. He also offered to make some other tweaks in order to improve my SEO score as well. I'm very happy with this app and their customer service.

OT Helping Hands
Estados Unidos
6 months usando a aplicação
28 de abril de 2024

hi from germany, as a beginer i started online shopping and by time i did not know that my site need speed and have score and i have no idea about seo. i did not find any app that help me. and then i tried this app and was very impresive and customer service help a lot especially Liam have all under controll and all my questions asked . was very helpfull and Tapita made my store score high as they promiced. try and see for your self . i can really recommend it.

4 months usando a aplicação
11 de junho de 2024

Krystal was fantastic today with her help with my new basic plan package. She was very thorough and significantly improved my site. I would recommend this app; it helps with increasing sales even on the free plan. I'm excited to see the improvements with the upgrade.

Filmmaking Planner
Reino Unido
7 months usando a aplicação
4 de abril de 2024

I have used multiple SEO and speed apps, but tapita is without doubt the best one I have used so far. All the different sections with their own dashbords makes it clear and gives users a clear overview on what subjects need to improve. They offer great service and assist you whenever that is neccessary. Overall just a really pleasant experience.

Países Baixos
4 months usando a aplicação